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Alcycone Colonics Oahu

Contact: Alcyocne Aquarian C.T. M.T.H.
E-mail: alcyoneall1@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 348-8056
Mobile: (808) 261-4511

Address - Map & Directions
204 Kuulei Road
Kailua, HI 96734

Island: Oahu

Service Area: Kailua - Kaneohe

The Aquarian offers Hydro Colon Therapy Service:
~ Closed system  hydrotherapy, colon therapy, colonic Irrigation, colonics,
~ The Hawaiian Power Rinse (psyllium husk powder)
~ Detox counseling in a private personal setting on the Windward Side Oahu.
Over 36 years of Experience.

Frequently Asked Colonic Questions.

What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy (also known as colonics or colonic irrigation) is a safe and very effective method to cleanse the colon (large intestine) of accumulated waste and toxins.


1. How does Colonic Hydrotherapy work?

A thin disposable tube is inserted in your rectum and a gentle flow of warm water is released into the colon. The water loosens and softens the contents of the colon and the waste is expelled, comfortably and hygienically with maximum privacy and limited odour. 

2. Is it safe?

Most definitely! We use an “Closed System,”  

3. Does it hurt?

Normally there isn’t any pain with a treatment. There may occasionally be some slight discomfort, that feels like wind, but this normally passes quickly and it is a good sign that the treatment is working. A lot of patients actually report feeling refreshed and relaxed during a session.

4. How do the “Open System” and “Closed System” differ?

This system requires a colon hydrotherapist to be in attendance with the client for the duration of the forty-five minute session as it is the therapist, not the client, who controls the flow of water into the large intestine and out again. With closed system colonic equipment, waste material is evacuated through medical-grade plastic tubing attached to the instrument, and eliminated via the drainage line. This prevents offensive odors

5. How is a colonic different from an enema?

A colonic reaches the entire length of the colon, whereas an enema only reaches the rectum and lower part of the colon, making it not as effective. A colonic will not reach the small intestine, but you may talk to Dr. Deb for more information on how to cleanse this as well. 

6. How long does a colonic take and how many should I have done?

We book you an hour-long appointment, though many people usually need about 45 minutes to complete a session. 
A minimum of three sessions is very important to ensure maximum benefit along with the use of a cleansing fiber blend.

Some people commit to six or even ten scheduled colonics to have a thorough detoxification. Maintenance sessions are then recommended in order to keep your colon and digestive system working at its best. 

7. Do I need to prepare or fast before my treatment?

By eating lightly through snacking on such things as fresh fruit and vegetables and avoiding wheat, meat, dairy, sugars and processed foods before and after your colonic, will make it more beneficial.

Also, during the colonic process, make sure you hydrate well through drinking lots of water (preferably Alkaline water), fresh fruit/vegetable juices, herbal teas and vegetable broths. 

8. Will my friendly bacteria be washed out?

After the colonics your colon will be cleaned, which actually allows the friendly bacteria to flourish more readily as it is not competing against the “bad” bacteria and your overall immunity is strengthened in the process. By eating certain foods you can encourage the growth of the friendly bacteria and our body does this on a daily basis as well, but you can take probiotics as well for good assurance. Once again this will be discussed in greater detail during your introductory session. 

9. Will I experience any intestinal discomfort or fatigue after the treatment?

Usually you will not experience problems after the colonic, but there are some cases where old debris and toxins can be stirred up causing nausea or fatigue. A mild vegetable broth or peppermint tea can help to settle this if needed.

10. Can I work or drive after the treatment?

Definitely. You can return to normal activities as you would after a regular bowel movement. 

11. Is it safe during pregnancy?

We do not recommend colon hydrotherapy during pregnancy.

12. Do I need to see my doctor before a colonic or get a referral?

You do not need to get a referral or have an examination from a doctor before a colonic, but if you have health concern and you would like to tell your doctor before having a colonic then please do.

If you have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, severe haemorrhoids or anal fissures, rectal or intestinal tumors, diverticulitis, acute liver failure, an abdominal hernia, sever anaemia, lupus or an aneurysm then colonics is not recommended. 

13. Is there any possibility of cross contamination?

The simple answer is NO.   New, sterilised speculum tubes are used every time.

14. How much does it cost? 
  Please call for more information. Colon therapy is affordable!  

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