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All Islands Directory Healing Techniques Cranio-Sacral Therapy
David H Dinner Kauai

Contact: David H Dinner
E-mail: gentlewave@hawaii.rr.com
Phone: (808) 639-7845
Mobile: (808) 639-7845

Address - Map & Directions
P.O. Box 942
Hanalei, HI 96714

Island: Kauai

Service Area: Kauai

Whether you have experienced a traumatic episode, are facing a difficult obstacle in life or simply wish to enhance your spiritual connection, David’s craniosacral work will gently and safely assist you to find your way. As a retired periodontist, a Milne Institute certified craniosacral practitioner, David combines a strong medical background with sensitive intuitive perception.

What is craniosacral work?  

Sit or lie very quietly with your eyes closed....allow your body to completely relax. Notice your breathing as it rises and falls naturally and allow your mind to fall into a meditative state. Gently turn your head slightly to one side and notice that even this simple movement is accompanied by corresponding movement in other areas of the body. You might feel that one shoulder moves as well, ever so slightly or that your lower back shifts or that your eyes move within your head. When the body is stressed, those natural relationships between various body parts are disrupted. Craniosacral work is a method of sensing where you are out of balance or blocked and normalizing your fluids and tissues by using exceedingly gentle pressure. Individuals who have sensitive systems often find craniosacral work more relaxing, subtler and more therapeutic than massage.

What is AquaCranial ® ?  

Simply stated, AquaCranial ® is craniosacral work done in the gentle ocean waves. Practitioners and clients have found that the salt water and the wave action have an extremely salutary effect. During winter months, AquaCranial can be done successfully in a pool, but naturally it takes on a somewhat different quality. I provide wetsuits for buoyancy and warmth when needed.

What is craniosacral /  journey?

Are you ready to turn a new page in your life? David combines craniosacral work, ritual and music to create a three hour shamanic journey; a process that clears the birth matrices and prepares you for a new beginning.

Menu of appointments:

Craniosacral work  (1.5 Hours approx)

AquaCranial ®  (1.5 Hours approx)

Craniosacral / journey (3 Hours approx)

My fees are structured to allow me to do my work to the highest of my ability. However, I am committed to helping others get the work they need and will adjust or eliminate charges to fit your financial capabilities.

My intention is to provide a safe space for the most profound and relaxing session possible. I limit the number of clients I schedule in any given day to give you the time you need.
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