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Camille Yoshiko Copeland Spiritual Teacher Kauai

Contact: Camille Yoshiko Copeland
E-mail: guruess11@hotmail.com
Phone: (808) 651-4590

Princeville, HI 96722

Island: Kauai

Service Area: All Islands

Camille is a maverick teacher, visionary channel, healer and medical intuitive. Fifty-eight years ago she was gifted from birth with facial paralysis and intuitive insight. She has been brought through her own healing to a place of willingness and compassion. The depth of Camille's capacity to love is intertwined with a keen intelligence and engaging humor. Camille's life is dedicated to you.

Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."

This is an invitation to treat yourself to time with Spiritual Teacher Camille.
You will receive love and support to assist you to "Become the Change."

What Does Camille Do?
Camille works locally and internationally, offering sessions in person and via the phone and in groups. Camille specializes in spiritual clarity, medical intuitive, relationship enhancement and artistic and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Camille's sessions are life-altering. Camille sits with you and sees behind your fear and pain to the center of your already healed self and then gives you the next step to help you explode and move forward towards fulfilling your purpose and experiencing exhilaration-of-being in your everyday life.

What Can YOU Do With Camille?
Open her, poke her, stoke her, bend her, shake her, twist her, try her, pry her. Bring her all your questions, spoken and unspoken, all your anxiety, anger, anguish, delusions, illusions and erroneous conclusions, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires for all living beings.

What Does Camille Wish For YOU?
Camille's wish for you is that you can heal and come to the place where you see all the gifts that have always lived side by side with your pain, and the magical tapestry woven by the threads of the events of your life, and the miracle that you are, and that this awakens you and ignites your kindness, love and compassion.

Camille welcomes all faiths and cultures. No barriers no borders.

Camille works in private and group settings:
Some recent comments:
Camille's session has the resonance you feel when listening to musicians who play perfectly in tune. She hit each note masterfully, bringing everyone  in room into the symphony.
Hiyaguha Cohen ~ Kauai

To make appointments or for information regarding on-going groups:
Call: 808-651-4590
Email: guruess11@hotmail.com
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