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All Islands Health Talk Testimonials - How Hawaii Health Guide has helped members' business

Testimonials - How Hawaii Health Guide has helped members' business

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“My ad with Hawaii Health Guide more than paid for itself within a few months. I've gotten clients from all over the world through Hawaii Health Guide.”
Taj Jure, Anahata Spiritual Spa, Kauai

“I really notice the difference in the number of calls I get for bodywork when I have a featured listing. Thank you!”
ali G body harmony, Kauai

“Our listing on Hawaii Health Guide has been great for business. We’re definitely renewing this year. About ½ of our island visitors coming into the store found us online, and most of them say it was through your website. Thank you!”
-Brett, Hoku Whole Foods, Kauai’s bulk & discount retail and online grocer

"The DTE listings look terrific! Thanks so much for your help. Were thrilled by how the DTE listings look, and I personally am deeply grateful for your prompt response. I wish I had been able to get this going a long time ago!"
-Frank Santana, Marketing Director, Down to Earth - Natural Food Stores
-5 Stores: Maui - Kahului, Makawao & Oahu - Honolulu, Pearlridge, Kailua

"I'm definitely renewing this year. Thanks for all of your help!"
Shanon Mason
Energy Essences of Kauai

“Just wanted to let you know that the woman who emailed me from the Mainland just let my house after finishing the meditation instruction! I am thrilled that she found me on the website!  It works!!”
Laurel Callahan, Primordial Sound Meditation Teacher

“I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate Hawaii Health Guide's services.  I have gotten so many new clients for my massage business. Since I’ve had my featured listing on the All Islands directory for the last 2 months, I’ve had at least 3 massages and 1 private yoga instruction a week. Thank you for your help!”
Tara Nichols, Sacred Bliss Massage Kauai
(Listing no longer active because business owner moved to the mainland.)

“I just wanted to let you know that the featured listing worked! I had several sessions with a new client who had been searching on HawaiiHealthGuide.com for information on acupuncture to improve her eyesight. She saw my ad “Improve your Eyesight Naturally” and called me first. Though she didn’t know she was looking for me, my service was perfect for her. She wouldn’t have found me unless I had a featured listing. Thanks!”
Kate Keilman, Improve your Eyesight Naturally

“By the way, I do appreciate all of the help you have given me to make my site, etc. be better!  Your site is one of the best I have come across in years....”

Search Engine Benefits
An experiment in search engine results:
We just helped a client establish a new directory listing on Hawaii Health Guide, and paid close attention to their search engine results for their primary keywords (in this case, “Kauai tantra”).
1.    The Hawaii Health Guide directory was #2 from the start, and whether their unique page showed up separately, a potential client could find them by clicking on the Tantra link in the directory.
2.    We noticed that the client’s own website (tantricartsoflove.com) was not in the Google top ten for their primary keywords before we activated their listing on Hawaii Health Guide.
3.    10 minutes later after activating their HHG page, their own website was #9. 2 hours later, it was #6. The client then approved me turning on their Featured Listing. 12 hours later (after also activating their Featured Listing), their unique page on Hawaii Health Guide was #3, and their own website was still #6. 16 hours later, the directory for Hawaii Health Guide took the #2 spot, their unique page on HHG was the #3 spot, and their own website had moved up to #5.
4.    This means that in this case, one day after activating their listing, a person searching for “Kauai Tantra” would find this client via 3 of the top 5 Google results.

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Hawaii Health Event Promotion Services

Email Subject: Just say "yes" to Hawaii Health Guide: "Aloha Laurie, I know no better way to get the word out that you are offering seminars. These Hawaii Health Guide folks are full of integrity and knowledge about how to effectively use the internet. Go for it! Best wishes, Barbara"
Barbara Moore, Dragonfly Ranch in Kona, Big Island

“We have generated many new client referrals as a result of using HHG e-net service to announce our speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops.”
Dr. Zeal Okogeri, Inspirational Speaker and Owner of Light Books Publishing

"The e-net looks excellent!  Thank you so much.  I appreciate your awareness regarding our ad, I think it's a great suggestion. You've been an incredible marketing Angel!  We're so grateful."
Lily Diamond, Yoga Teacher

“I think I have one person interested in Kauai already, I got an email today from someone who is NOT on my mailing list...! About 2.5 hours after your e-net blast!”
Kate Keilman, Improve your Eyesight Naturally

"Thanks for this proof. Thanks for all your great work and responsiveness. I will have another event that I want to post and look forward to working with you again on that."
Judy, La'akea Permaculture Gardens

"Thank you! I've had 1 call so far (2 days after email blast). I'm optimistic and grateful."
Lee Joseph, Pacific Center Awareness & Bodywork Massage School

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