Hawaii Health Guide - Oops, wrong horse doesn't cheer up Kauai hospital patient
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All Islands Health Talk Hawaii's Horse for Health in a Hospital makes international news!

"Excuse me, where is the horse entrance?" -- Photo by Evan Tector
Hawaii's Horse for Health in a Hospital makes international news!

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LIHUE, Hawaii — Hoping to cheer up his dad who has been recuperating at Wilcox hospital, a Kauai man thought it would be a good idea to bring his  horse to the local hospital for a little get-well visit.

After all, dogs and cats are allowed to visit their ailing owners at Wilcox hospital. LIttle did he know, the viist of a Hawaii Horse for Health in a Hospital would make international news!

A hospital spokeswoman says the man and the stallion actually managed to take an elevator up to the third floor before being stopped by security.

"On Kauai, we have a very warm inviting atmosphere at Wilcox Hospital," Lani Yukimura, hospital spokeswoman said "We just hope people understand this is not a place for a horse."

Yukimura says security was able to get the man and horse out of the hospital with "just a few scuff marks."

However, the story doesn't have a happy ending: The patient was brought outside to see the animal, but that didn't make things any better. The patient informed hospital staff, "That's not my horse."

Maybe next time just bringing a video of "Blazing Saddles" will do the trick?


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