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Dolphin Touch Wellness Center and Retreats Kauai
  Website: www.dolphintouch.org

Contact: Jeanne Russell
E-mail: info@DolphinTouch.org
Phone: (808) 822-4414

Address - Map & Directions
4544 Kukui Street
Kapaa, HI 96746

Island: Kauai

Service Area: Kauai

Our Mission is to help people to live more joyful, playful lives.  “Dolphin Energetics” which was channeled by the center\\\\\\\'s founder: Jeanne Russell, connects people with the energy and vibration of the dolphins and the whales. With this connection,  each individual is allowed a new found freedom and permission to live the life you have always wanted!

Enjoy a video about Dolphin Touch

Come experience the spirit of the dolphins and the whales.


Connect with their love, joy and playfulness.

All of us at Dolphin Touch Wellness Center and all of our services have a connection to the dolphin consciousness.

Join us in this joyous co-creation of creating Heaven on Earth! Dolphins touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.

It is difficult to speak about dolphins and not feel joyful and have a smile on your face!

Here at Dolphin Touch Wellness Center, we learn from the example of the dolphins and whales.

They teach us about breath, overcoming fears, love, family, community and just how to have fun!

Their love and joy crosses all language and cultural boundaries as they indeed teach us a universal truth - We Are All One!

Our mission is to share the spirit and the knowledge of the Dolphins & Whales and connect others to their beautiful energy and vibration of love and light!

Dolphin Touch Therapy is a therapy that connects people to the dolphin dimension where love and light exists.Dolphins are holding the vibration of Love and Light on the planet. They connect with that energy and share it with us through various transmissions.  If you are lucky enough to swim with dolphins, you can feel first hand their transmission of love to you. However, not everyone can swim with the dolphins, therefore, it has fallen upon us to take the energy and vibration of the dolphins to others.

Dolphin Touch Therapy is a healing modality that allows humans to be a conduit for dolphin energy. The dolphins have been holding the vibration of Love and Light on the planet long enough, now they are passing the torch onto us to hold that vibration for the planet.

Practitioners of Dolphin Touch Therapy are able to connect to the address where dolphin consciousness exists and bring the client along to that place. You don't need to be in the water with the dolphins to connect with their energy. One need only have an intention and an open heart to feel their love.




Personal and Group Transformational Retreats

on Kaua'i Hawaii


Based on Your Schedule (and Your Budget)

Step into your Divine Love. Join David and Jeanne Russell as they create a journey back to your true authentic self
What you will experience on this retreat:

  • Heart Awakening
  • A Shift in Perspective
  • Opening to More Joy
  • Transferring Limiting Beliefs
  • More direction
  • Daily Meditations
  • Mild excursions into nature
  • Planned events/excursions sessions daily

See whats going on at the DOLPHIN TOUCH:




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