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All Islands Directory Healing Techniques Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Brian Loftin, LMT Massage & Dreambodywork Oahu
  Website: www.brian-loftin.com

Contact: Brian Loftin
E-mail: brian@brian-loftin.com
Phone: (808) 364-7890

Address - Map & Directions
3258 Kaimuki Ave
Honolulu, HI 96816

Island: Oahu

Service Area: Oahu

Aloha! My name is Brian Loftin and I am a Hawaiian licensed and insured Massage Therapist, Visionary Craniosacral Practitioner, and Dream Teacher with the Robert Moss School of Active Dreamwork. I have been in private practice for the past ten years, having graduated from the highly regarded Florida School of Massage in 2003.

In my time since then, I have worked closely in collaboration with chiropractors, physical therapists, doulas, and acupuncturists, acquiring tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience in both the clinical and spiritual treatment of people in need.  

While people do come to see me for a variety of reasons in their search for better health, I consider each person I work with whole and healthy, regardless of the degree to which pain or dysfunction seem to be present in his or her experiences. Shoulders may hurt, migraines may seem endless, low back pain might be excruciating, but it still remains that each of these aspects of the human form are part of the whole of who we are. This is where I start when I work with people: wholeness. The essential question may then be: "How can we remember the wholeness within which we live?"

How do we answer this question on the massage table? How do we find answers when what we are doing is not talk therapy? By listening to the body. By not talking. By discovering the truths that are waiting to be discovered within the muscular, skeletal, and nervous tissues--and potentially far beyond! By letting the body tell its story. 

My intention in working with people--not "on", but "with!"--is to hold your intention sacred. You know your body; I do not. I work to facilitate, through Deep Tissue or Neuromuscular Massage that goes only as deep and slowly as is meaningful to you, through functional or Biodynamic Craniosacral Work that follows your movements without relying on stillpoint inductions or mechanical corrections, through the integration of Dreamwork that you can interact with in search of your inner truth (we are such stuff as dreams are made of, and life is rounded with a kiss!" ~Shakespeare)

The answers to your healing quest are, in my opinion, to be found with the architect of your body's organizational plan: you. I can help you actualize those plans, and it can be amazing fun! It can also be work for you. But I have no doubt you will feel better after working with me. 

Are you on Yelp?

Yes, I am. There is a link on the home page of my website, www.brian-loftin.com. Just click the red link, and you can find reviews of my work there.

Do you offer just relaxation massage?

Certainly. I am happy to offer Swedish massage, as one of several modalities I can provide for your healing session.

How long are sessions? 

I offer 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions.

It sounds like you might be a life coach. Are you a counselor or life coach as well?

No, I am a massage therapist by license only. Only a licensed mental health worker may offer counseling during the course of any healing treatment. I try not to talk too much during your healing time, unless you want me to. 

Where are sessions held?

I currently practice out of an office in Nu'uanu Valley and will do outcalls to your home or office as needed as well. 

Will I be clothed during the session?

This is entirely up to you. Many people find they relax better without the restrictions of clothing. Some feel very guarded when removing any clothing for a session, even when lying under a draping. In any case, you will be covered with a draping of some sort: either your clothes, or with a sheet or blanket. 

Do you offer Dream interpretation?

No, not in the conventional sense. I do Active Dreamwork, which is all about empowering people to engage with their dreams in a meaningful way, such that they may discover for themselves the inner meaning of the dream, as it speaks to them in sleep or in the body. I offer a modality I call Dreambody Work, which incorporates the use of the client's personal mythology into the trajectory of the session. Oftentimes, the dreams of the body stand as totems and signposts that lead to the deeper healing that may elude other forms of treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

For acute health issues I generally suggest 5 to 6 treatments, spaced about 5 days apart. But the number of sessions depend on many factors, not least: how well you respond to each treatment, integration time, etc. 

Do you offer sensual massage?


I've had deep tissue massage before, and it hurts. Should I be worried?

The way that I perform Deep Tissue Massage is likely to be different from what you may have experienced. I keep a low table, so I can sink into your muscle tissue using my body weight, to the endpoint that I feel your tissue will allow. I go no further. I also use organic, free trade, shea nut butter, which has a wonderful texture that allows me traction and glide, without the oiliness or staining issues of oils and creams. Consequently, strokes are slow, deliberate and firm. When massage therapists bruise clients they are often using too much muscular effort and this lack of sensitivity has caused them to cease listening to what's going on under their hands. 

What are your rates?

I charge a nominal fee of $90 for 60 minutes, $120 for 90 minutes, and $150 for 120 minutes. I accept as payment for services, cash, check and credit card. I am currently offering a first time, 60 minute special rate of $65, cash only. This will expire on December 1st, 2013.   

Mahalo for you interest! I hope to see you soon.

 Brian Loftin LMT

I am curious about DREAMBODYWORK: Tell me more...

(we are such stuff as dreams are made of, and life is rounded with a kiss!"~Shakespeare)

What is Dreambodywork?


Dreambodywork is a compound word--actually two compound words: dreambody, a word coined by the well-known documenter of indigenous shamanic practice, Arnold Mindell, and bodywork, a loose term that refers to general hands-on healing. In The Shaman’s Body, p. xii, Mindell advises that: “We speak of dreams, body experiences, and symptoms. But to really fathom these, we need to get into the stream [my italics] from which they come, into the dreamingbody that creates them.” The word “dreamingbody” is actually a bit more accurate in describing the human system, but, being slightly unwieldy, it yielded to “dreambody” in common usage. The dreambody is the physical distillation of the Dreaming. It is the symptom itself of the flow of the Dreaming, and we, within each human form, are the custodians of our dreambodies. I use the term “bodywork” because I believe it leaves the portion of hands-on (or off!) time of a session open to whatever needs or wants to come through.

Learn More: http://www.brian-loftin.com/index.php/healing-work/dreambody-work

Is Dreambodywork a massage?

It can be Massage, Craniosacral Work, Pediatric Cranial Work, and even Dreamwork during a Biodynamic Cranial Session (which has happened to me, with incredible results!), simply because the Dreaming informs everything, and everything can thus be used as a vehicle for its expression. Dreambodywork, then, brings to bear the substantial, limitless possibilities of the Dreaming and the healing power of human contact. In this way we can trace the causal factors of our bodily and Life symptoms, to the source of all things! It is the relationship between the formless and the form. It is the magic of the tides as they wash the Life--the gifts!--of the oceans upon the land. It is somatically applied, active dreaming.

What Happens during a Dreambodywork session?

When we have a Dreambodywork session, we may leave the four walls of a treatment room, both in a physical and spiritual sense. However, the therapist is always present, always grounded, always anchoring the session for the client’s journey. As fuel for the journey we typically use heartbeat drumming or the rhythmic sounds of ocean waves, which takes the brain wave patterns into the healing theta realm--the same frequency as the electromagnetic field of the Earth.

Where do we do a Dreambodywork session?

It is ideal for connecting with the Dreaming and with the heartbeats of Mother Earth herself! Sessions can be scheduled in safe and beautiful clinic or temple like setting, or a private outdoor settings, in nature or even at the beach!

Do you offer Dream Interpretation?

During the session we use the clients’ own personal mythology in their treatment. We never use books on dream interpretation! Many therapists are skilled at “receiving” information in the form of imagery, words, smells, and the like. I consider it wonderful to cultivate such gifts, but in my experience it is only a gift if I can use these messages from the Dreaming if they are meaningful to my client. I may offer a dream image for healing if a client is particularly unable or uncomfortable in interacting with her own dreaming, but it will be useless if my tools are meaningless to her. In Dreambodywork we do not “tell.” We always follow the guiding principles that we can only speak to what is true for ourselves--never for the other person. In this way we empower our clients, and in empowering them, they can move towards healing and self actualization.

When we offer information for clients we say things like, “If this were my dream...,” and “If this were my symptom...,” and “May I offer you an image that you are free to use or discard...” In the absence of declarative statements and dogma, people naturally seek to find their own way, and the active participation and reflections of the Dreambodyworker allows them to go deeper into this personal mythology to understand the manifestations of their spirit, whether in symptom form or in the beautiful realization that there is help--limitless help and support for their Life journey.

How many sessions do I need?

The results of a session vary greatly, but they generally produce a sense in the client--to some degree--that she has a vast, rich and ongoing resource on which to draw in order to understand not only her body but her world. She may find a complete or partial clearing of her symptoms and relief in parts of her body she didn’t realize were causing her discomfort. She will likely find an animal or spirit ally with whom he can journey on her Life quest, if she wishes it so. She may also find a place or portal in the Dreaming that she can visit regularly to rejuvenate herself. Lastly, she might be required to take some form of action to honor her experience and “bring it home,” further solidifying the harnessed power of her dreambody.

About the Practitioner:

This work is very special to me, because it has actually been the trail I have blazed for myself, in my own healing work. I do it, because I am passionate in my belief and observation that Dreambodywork can truly help people heal at a core level. I do it, because Dreambodwork propels me deeper, to depths that continue to amaze me in their beauty and simplicity.

I do not claim it is a panacea, but I do believe it can change your life.

It has changed mine.




Brian Loftin





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