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Bios Life Slim Hawaii Oahu
  Website: www.bioslifeslimhawaii.com

Contact: Waynella McNeil
E-mail: waynella@hawaii.rr.com
Phone: (808) 220-1144
Toll Free: (866) 819-7163
Mobile: (808) 220-1144
Fax: (808) 263-4544

Address - Map & Directions
111 Hekili Street
Suite A 127
Kailua, HI 96734

Island: Oahu

Service Area: All Islands

*Fat Loss*Diabetes*Cholesterol*Energy*

A clinically proven, safe, effective, natural solution for managing Diabetes, Cholesterol & Obesity. Bios Life Slim- medically endorsed, physician recommended, backed by 20 years research. Delicious, easy to use, NO unhealthy dieting! Slim gets you what you want and gives what you need. Bios Life Slim! Look better, feel better, live better.

Bios Life Slim is more than just a weight-loss product. Not only does it burn fat – it also reduces appetite and cravings, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), raises good cholesterol (HDL), balances blood sugar, reduces insulin resistance, regulates bowel function, and increases energy (no stimulants!). It is Gluten free, Kosher, safe for long-term use, and safe for children as young as 5. WOW! Bios Life Slim is truly a revolutionary product –there is no competition!

Bios Life Slim’s patented blend of natural, proprietary ingredients help your body naturally regulate the amount of fat stored, while balancing your blood sugar levels. Watch this 7 minute educational video to find out how:

Millions of people in 20 countries worldwide are taking control of their health and making their lives better with Bios Life Slim. Take a look at this local Hawaii man and his extraordinary success using Bios Life Slim:

You, too, can enjoy health benefits and financial rewards with our Get Slim Challenge! Check it out at www.bioslifeslim.com!

Over a thousand Healthcare Providers in the United States love the results they are seeing with their patients. Here’s what they are saying about Bios Life Slim:

“I have been very impressed with the results from Bios Life Slim. My patients are thrilled with the dramatic weight loss, especially when they have failed with so many other options. Offering a safe and healthy program that really works is a true breakthrough in preventive care.” -Pedro A. Serrant MD Board Certified Internal Medicine

“In addition to the impressive fat loss and weight reduction, I have also observed tremendous reduction in Triglyceride and LDL levels by as much as 50% and HDL improvement by 30%.” -Annie T. Varughese, MD, FACC Interventional Cardiology

“Bios Life Slim has exceeded my expectations as a weight loss solution for my patients! I have noted an average of 3-10 pounds of weight loss in a month. Patient satisfaction is overwhelmingly positive. It is a relief to finally have something safe and effective to offer for the children.” -Catherine Hart, MD, Diplomat, American Board of Family Medicine

“I have witnessed profound results in my diabetic patients with regard to blood sugar reduction and the decreased need for hypoglycemic agents.” -Kozhaya C. Sokhon, MD FACC Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology

“For the time that I have been using Bios Life Slim in my practice, my patients have seen substantial results in improved bowel function. It is very gratifying to have a nutritional product which improves not only Irritable Bowel Syndrome but also ensures their gradual weight loss and improvement of their overall health.” -Woo K. Song, MD Gastroenterology

Watch this video to see more testimonials from patients and doctors: 

Take charge of your health NOW safely and naturally with Bios Life Slim! Visit www.bioslifeslimhawaii.com to order today, or call us at 808-220-1144 with questions about Unicity or our products.

Unicity International is a global Wellness & Preventive Health company dedicated to providing safe, natural solutions to restore health, energy and balance. Our qualified team of scientists diligently researches our products to ensure safety and effectiveness. Bios Life and Bios Life Slim, Unicity’s flagship products, have 18 completed independent clinical studies, with two more in the works. We are proud to announce that Unicity will be conducting a clinical study in collaboration with the University of Hawaii to examine the results of Bios Life Slim on native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders. This cutting-edge, clinically proven product is even listed in the prestigious Physician’s Desk Reference!

Unicity representatives have worked throughout the world to successfully provide solutions to the global epidemics of diabetes, cholesterol and obesity with Bios Life Slim. We are very pleased to be able to introduce Bios Life Slim into the Hawaiian Islands to meet this challenge locally.

Our Hawaii team is dedicated to educating the public, doctors and patients about our world-class science backed products. We represent Unicity International’s motto, “Make Life Better” with integrity and dedication. Unicity’s revolutionary Bios Life Franchise opportunities allow people from all backgrounds to take control of their financial futures while working part-time or full-time with their own franchise. We invite you to join our team and help spread the word about our clinically proven, safe, effective, and natural products.

  •  Dr. Veronica Knepp, PT, DPT is passionate in her study and application of alternative healing methods from both eastern and western medical practices. Unicity products provide a bridge to the future of western medicine, offering natural solutions to global epidemics. 
  • After a career providing HR and Marketing solutions internationally, Tom Masterson is happy that he can address essential health issues with Unicity products in Hawaii and extend that reach internationally.
  • Waynella McNeil has an international corporate background. After 9/11, she chose to give back to the community by helping Make Life Better with Unicity International.



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