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Wild Integrity Oahu
  Website: www.wildintegrity.com

Contact: Daien Kaneshiro
E-mail: info@wildintegrity.com
Phone: (808) 383-8176

Kailua, HI 96734

Island: Oahu

Service Area: All Island

Daien has traveled the path of self actualization for over 35 years. As a Zen Priest, Qadishtu Priestess, Zentherapy and Integral Bodyworker, she brings an impassioned sense of wondrous exploration to the field of human healing. Completely heart centered, she works with individuals and couples to uncover the hidden obstructions that keep them from stepping forward into their full potential.

As a beekeeper and sacred sexuality practitioner, Daien infuses all areas of her work with the wisdom of the hive, and the myriad mythical and real benefits of both honey and sting. Unusual for this place and time, she works effectively to bring about integrative healing in the rare liminal zone betwixt and between the known and that which is hidden. She is a mentor, counselor, facilitator and healer, completely effective in parting the veil, allowing our personal insight to dispel the destructive myths and lies we tell ourselves, in a ruthless yet wholly compassionate manner.

Combining the mysticism and practicality of Zen with the shamanic wisdom of the bees, woven together with the energy of sacred sexuality, her expression and practice of Qadishtu serves to free her clients to discover their true nature. Working with you directly and intimately, she assists you to identify areas of your life in which you would like to experience transformation. Then you get to doing exactly that. She draws inspiration from her personal practices on the Path of Pollen, as well as myriad other fields and disciplines. Contact Daien directly for more information regarding this aspect of her work.

In her rendition of the 10 session Bodywork series, she combines the taught techniques with intuitive sensitivity, producing the ability to invite the truth to step out of the shadows and be welcomed and recognized as a trusted ally. Clients report feeling both terrifically challenged and deeply nurtured as they step tenderly into their own creative healing process.

She is very fortunate to have trained directly and extensively in Zen with Tanouye Tenshin Rotaishi and Hosokawa Dogen Roshi at Daihonzan Chozen-ji in Honolulu. She has also trained in Aikido and Kyudo, and realized a joyful synthesis of all these forms while paddling outrigger canoes. She continues to paddle, as well as practice Yoga and Zen, and currently resides in Hawaii. Daien received her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1990 at CSUDH.

In all aspects of her working modalities Daien is sex positive, in addition to being familiar and willing to work with the LGBT, BDSM, and Poly communities.


Daien is everything she says and extraordinarily good at it; skillful, talented, perceptive, intuitive, brilliant, empathetic, insightful, demanding, rigorously honest, and absolutely no bullshit. She'll work as hard for you as she'll make you work for yourself, which is going some. Her repertoire of skillful means and imaginativeness in dealing with different situations are really awe-inspiring. It may sound oxymoronic but it's literally true that she is relentlessly compassionate. She's not, in my experience, warm and fuzzy except consciously, for brief periods, to get certain results. But if you are seriously committed to changing your life for the better, and the lives of the people around you, she probably has a lot to offer you, and she is worth what she asks because she delivers what she promises, and that is saying a lot. How many people do you know of whom that can be said?”
-Justin Schwartz, Assistant Prof. of Law, Chicago, IL

“Daien and I have been friends for many years. Throughout that time, I have experienced her ability to open the way to clarity in my processes on numerous occasions. Through one on one sessions exploring my stuck places to intense sessions of Integral Bodywork, I am always challenged by our work together.

When Daien asked me to assist her in preparing for her upcoming workshop, "An Experience Beyond Words," I jumped at the opportunity. I can't begin to explain what a great decision that was!  Witnessing the process that she is using to weave the course together has done much to stimulate my own creativity. In addition, I found an immediate improvement in my ability to work cooperatively with my wife and partner, Stacey. The resulting flow of work in heart to heart space (with both of these amazing women) has been nothing short of astounding.

The energy, focus and personal integrity with which Daien approaches her work has provided a catalyst for my personal growth and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue this work with her through participation in her upcoming workshop. I can't wait to see how it unfolds!”

-Wayne Bow, IT Professional, Honolulu, HI
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