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AQUALANI ~ Spiritual Day Spa Maui
  Website: www.temple-of-peace.org

Contact: Rev. Shelly & Rev. Kedar St John
E-mail: ???
Phone: (808) 575-5220

Address - Map & Directions
575 Haiku Rd
Haiku, HI 96708

Island: Maui

Service Area: Haiku Maui

Aqualani Spiritual Day Spa & Retrats offering a full range of in house and out call services for enhancing your Health & Vitality! Open Daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM ?? Private, Group and Family appointments available. Located at the Temple of Peace - Healing Sanctuary, in beautiful Haiku on the island of Maui.

Aqualani ~ Spiritual Day Spa

Located at the Temple of Peace in beautiful Haiku Maui,
Open Daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM ??
Private & Group/Family Appointments available

• Rejuvenation Treatments
• Deluxe Steam Room
• Infared Sauna
• Massage & Lomi Lomi
• Aromatherapy
• Hydrotherapy Mineral Bath & Hot Tub
• Cold Plunge & Relaxation Lounge
• Colon Hydrotherapy
• Cleansing Retreats 1, 5 or 10 days

Aqualani offers a full range of in house and outcall services for enhancing your Health & Vitality!  ??

As we achieve a new level of awareness about our bodies and health, we can restore our personal power and integrity. New information creates opportunities to start making changes resulting in wise decisions.

   * To the degree that your colon is clean is the degree that your bloodstream is clean.
   * The ascending colon controls the aging process in the body.
   * One colonic equals three days of fasting.
   * The colon has referral areas that are similar to the reflexology points on our hands and feet.
   * 2-3 bowel movements per day is healthy. Every foot of colon can store about 5-10 pounds of feces.

Integrate your body to new levels of internal wellness. Experience this ancient form of body cleansing and detoxification. Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle water washing of the large intestine. Using state-of-the-art FDA-approved sanitized equipment along with personal attention can bring you relief and assist you in your journey to good health.

Maui's Amazing 10 day Cleanse for Spiritual Awakening and Optimum Health

Our Healing Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in ten consecutive days of colon cleansing.
Colon Hydrotherapy is the safe, gentle infusion of purified water into the colon via the rectum.
This series of colon hydrotherapy cleanses gently, thoroughly clearing the entire 5 feet of colon, removing impacted fecal matter, toxins and parasites which may have been lodged in the colon for weeks, months, or even years. The average person may hold 5-20 pounds of clogged fecal matter within their intestinal tract. It is essential to clear and cleanse the colon (large intestine) so that everything that is backed-up behind it can begin to be eliminated as well. If the colon is not cleared, the liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, and other organs will start holding toxins they would normally dispose of into the small intestine. In addition, we are unable to absorb vital nutrients through our intestinal wall because it has hardened waste matter adhering to it. Stress is placed on the entire body when the colon is not functioning properly.
In conjunction with the finest well-care products, healing foods for the organs and advanced anti-aging technologies, this process helps to restore and rejuvenate every cell in your body, increases energy and nutritional absorption as well as brings mental clarity and spiritual awakening to your being.
The Cleanse helps people to get out of pain when they are ready to release it. This program is the process used for releasing fear and needless suffering. Dr. Deepak Chopra reminds us that “All Healing is Spiritual ... All Suffering is Optional”, if you honor your body, everything will change for you. Practice giving love to every part of your body. This will plant seeds of love in your mind. As you grow you will love, honor and respect your body immensely.
Nutrients are absorbed through the colon and the health of the colon determines the degree of absorption possible. The 10-day Cleanse heals the colon, allowing for better absorption of food nutrients. Just one colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having 5 to 10 regular bowel movements. Eliminations during the subsequent therapy sessions can be even more substantial as older, hardened, impacted feces are dislodged from the colon walls.


At the Temple of Peace Healing Sanctuary we use the most client-friendly, comfortable colon hydrotherapy equipment available today; an open continuous flow enema system Class 1 Medical Device approved by the US-FDA. These systems use a gravity fed water system that employs both carbon and ultraviolet filters and magnets purifying the water of bacteria as well as other harmful chemicals and pollutants. The rectal nozzle is about the same diameter as a pencil.
It’s a gentle water infusion. Our bodies are 90% water. During the ten days, 20 gallons of the purest, highest quality water gently hydrates your entire body as it is being absorbed into your system. Water is a master teacher and with the total of 200 gallons of this pure water clearing and cleansing you over the 10 days, you awaken to your highest potential in spirit, mind and body!


Modern colon hydrotherapy equipment is manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. The FDA-registered equipment features temperature controlled water mixing, back-flow prevention valves and water purification. With every session a new disposable rectal nozzle is used and then disposed of.


Our participants receive:
• A group 2-hour orientation session the night before the cleanse starts. You are given a manual explaining the mechanics of the cleanse, and we schedule the daily program. Participants can anticipate a spiritual journey, a transformation and a rebirth on the deepest levels of their beings.
• Daily 1.5 to 2-hour colon hydrotherapy session
• Daily gourmet signature meals served to keep you well fed and nourished
• An additional hour group session to prepare for the liver-gallbladder flush
• Advanced Bioenergetic protocols are used during the hydrotherapy to eliminate parasites.
• After each colonic, there is a special nourishing liquid food “infusion” offered.
The blood distributes these nutrients throughout the body.
• A bio-resonant informational therapy module that combines Russian space technology and the five element system of Chinese medicine and Ayur Veda, utilizing both color and sound frequencies to restore balance of the chakra and maridian sytems of the body.
• Daily guidance on the importance of the colon, and its role in maintaining good health
• Loving, compassionate holding of space for you to let go.
• At the end of the ten days, there is instruction to guide you into your new life, and a 30-day follow-up and gifts provided to help you transition back into life. Health, diet, and colon education is also included.
• A Transitional emotional clearing session
• A support team available at additional cost: Ayurveda practitioner (for dietary consultation and treatments), Nutritional Consultant, Aesthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Chiropractic.
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