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Stillness in Motion Yoga & Wellness Retreats Oahu
  Website: www.stillnessinmotion.info

Contact: Jennie Lee
E-mail: jennielee@stillnessinmotion.info
Phone: (978) 771-4000

Address - Map & Directions
P.O. Box 39
Kailua, HI 96734

Island: Oahu

Service Area: all Oahu

Yoga Therapy and Yoga Retreats... Transformative Yoga Therapy gives clients personal tools and understanding of the vast tradition of Yoga to improve physical health, emotional freedom, and spiritual consciousness. Individual sessions as well as retreats and workshops on Yoga philosophy and practice are Jennie Lee's specialty.

Transformative Yoga Therapy is a process Jennie Lee developed based on 21 years of experience and study in Yoga philosophy, movement and meditation, as well as Spiritual Psychology and Body-Centered Process Therapy. Great for people who are new to Yoga and experienced practitioners, Yoga Therapy individualizes the practice, giving clients specific personal tools and understanding of the vast tradition of Yoga to apply to the challenges of daily life.

With over 6,000 teaching hours on the mat, Jennie's practice has grown from exploring many traditions including Ashtanga, Kundalini, Kripalu, and Viniyoga. As a Certified Process Therapist and an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Jennie Lee also develops and leads retreats and workshops on Yoga topics internationally.

In addition to writing unique retreat curriculums, she writes about Yoga’s benefits for Yoga Therapy Today magazine, YogaFinder website and Living the Truth website. Joy infuses her teaching as she shares this life changing tradition with others.

Please visit us on Facebook and  ‘like’ Stillness in Motion today.Just copy this link into your browser. Mahalo!


Summer in the Sequoias         June 27-30, 2011

Wellness Retreat :  Nurture Your Wellbeing with Yoga, Reflective Writing and  Healing Foods  

At the Sequoia Retreat Center you are nestled amid majestic coastal redwoods, madrones, and tan oaks. Enjoy the spectacular views of Redwood groves from the deck of Las Alas Lodge, meditate at Za Zen, relax in the Peace Park and hike the surrounding trails. The Sequoia land has been held sacred since 1949 -- it is a place where love has been experienced, where pain has been transcended, and where hope has been born. The Sequoia Retreat Center is a place where the deepest meaning of life may be explored in an atmosphere of quiet and beauty.

Build Conscious Trust Through Yoga

Yoga Therapy practices relieve tension and enhance clarity and concentration. Learn Yoga philosophy that leads to spiritual and physical renewal. Practice Yoga meditation techniques to relax the mind and open the channel of deep and conscious trust in Spirit.

Write Yourself Free

Be guided in how to access and trust your authentic soul voice within, the one that leads you to wellbeing. Create a glorious life vision through intuitive wisdom and Divine guidance brought out through writing exercises and personal reflection. In an atmosphere of loving acceptance and freedom, this retreat will set your authentic voice and broader vision free.

Heal With Wholesome Foods
Recognizing the level of life force in the food we eat allows us to make self honoring choices for maximum health and energy. Reinvigorate yourself with delicious foods [some raw], juices, super fresh organic fruits and veggies, fish, grains and of course Chocolate!  Experience meals as active meditations and ways to truly nourish your wellbeing.

Copy the following link into your browser for full info and registration. http://www.sequoiaretreatcenter.com/BeWell.htm

Fall in Fiji          Sept. 25- Oct 1, 2011 

Yoga of Conscious Trust Retreat:  Deepening Your Connection Within

Rejuvenate at Daku Resort in Savusavu, Fiji while enjoying Yoga meditation, asana, relaxation, reflection and discussion that will deepen your understanding of  Conscious Trust and bring more peace and happiness to your life.

Nestled in a tranquil corner of Savusavu Bay on Fiji's northern island of Vanua Levu you'll find Daku Resort in the middle of lush tropical gardens. Comfy accommodation in traditional bures and villas with stunning views over Savusavu Bay, a reasonable price, and a staff whose friendliness and warmth give you all the joy of a vintage Fiji holiday.

Trust is essential

Unpredictable at best, downright chaotic at times - the world is not exactly inspiring our confidence these days.  We have been shaken by natural disasters, political upheaval, false advertisements and betraying friends. We  don't know who or what to trust.

But every relationship, every communication, every business venture and the experience of every present moment relies upon trust.  Most people say they wish they could trust more - themselves and others,  their decisions and abilities, their relationships, the flow of life, and God.   

Time for a new basis of Trust

And the Yoga Sutras provide the path to get there. Through meditation, introspection, dedication, relaxation, and a change in focus you can develop more Conscious Trust. In doing so, you will  feel more connected with those around you, more confident in your decisions and relationships, a sense of ease in your daily life and a Divine assurance in what lies ahead.

Learn to identify obstacles to trust created by the ego (called 'samskaras' in Yoga) such as fear of change and loss, negative thought patterns that keep you stuck, bad habits you know you should break, and approval seeking from the outside rather than from your inner truth.  Learn the difference between decisions made from fear (ego) and those made from love (intuitive wisdom). Foster more stillness within and connection with your highest Self and Spirit.  

Copy this link into your browser for full info and registration.


Warm Winter Retreat           Feb 18-25, 2012     

The Yoga of Devotion:   Taking Conscious Trust To the Next Level

"Boundless love and devotion unite us with Divine Consciousness."  (Yoga Sutra 1:23)

 Eternal Bliss. This is Yoga's promise when we reunite our consciousness with the Divine.  Come into a whole new understanding of what the "Divine" is and learn how Devotion makes all the difference in the world to your freedom and happiness.

 email: jennielee@stillnessinmotion.info  for more information.


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