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Alchemy of Aloha Kauai
  Website: www.alchemyofaloha.com

Contact: Shosanah & Neal Chantara
E-mail: chantara@hawaii.rr.com
Phone: (808) 828-1107

Address - Map & Directions
PO Box 486
Kilauea, HI 96754-0486

Island: Kauai

Service Area: All Islands

Your source for Sustainable Solutions: Transforming and Enhancing Local Water into the Healthiest Water in the World for drinking. Most Advanced Cleaning System. Winner in side by side tests. Countertop: $2195. Undersink: $2695. Ionic spray cleaners transform cold tap water into a remarkable cleaner. Support us who have supported community, environment, and healing for years. Best prices anywhere.

"What is the one thing I can do to have better health?"
"Start drinking alkalized and ionized water."
 Dr Robert Young
Like a healing spring, this amazing water is alkalizing, oxygenating, truly-hydrating, cleansing, rich in beneficial minerals and natural anti-oxidants.

We offer state of the art water purification followed by world's most advanced ionizing technology – all at a reasonable price.  

[insert pictures of the Athena and Delphi]  
Countertop: $2195. Undersink: $2695

Did you know that alkaline, ionized water provides more anti-oxidants than fresh squeezed orange juice?  

Alkaline ionized water from our systems is first purified through the nine stage Biostone Plus filter, then ionized to create the following benefits:

Living Structured Water
Hydrating – Truly
Anti-Oxidant Rich

Cleansing, Rich in Beneficial Minerals, Catalyst for Healing

Alkaline Ionized Anti-oxidant water can help naturally restore a proper pH
balance to the body helping stem the tide of over acidity that exists in
most Americans. The antioxidant potential of the water helps neutralize free
radicals and reduce free radical damage. More and more researchers and
health care practitioners now believe that acidosis is one of the root
causes of many diseases. We are alkaline when we are born, and we are acidic
when we die.  Most foods we eat cause acidity. Most beverages are too; such as
coffee, alcohol, sodas, sports drinks and most bottled waters....especially
the new flavored waters. The stress of our daily lives, the chemicals we
ingest, the air that we breath and even our toxic thoughts.....all
contribute to our bodies being more acidic.

Are you getting the ions you need?*

Our air and water were once rich in negatively charged ions.

The result of every move you make (a net spending of electrical energy) is a positively charged ion.
The molecules in your body are left holding a positive charge. They are unavailable for future use unless we get a new batch of attractive and giving negative ions.  

The air is now different. It's full of crud or acid.  Positively charged crud or acid. Rainwater is now acidic and robs you of electrons.   At the ocean we should find plentiful negative ions from the waves, but the air is polluted from overseas.   Even lying on the beach can result in our bodies getting short changed.

What's the best, most effective way to take in free electrons?  
Fresh Alkaline Ionized Water is the answer.

Drink this to oxygenate, alkalize, cleanse, truly hydrate, and take in alkaline minerals and an abundance of free electrons.  

Contact  Shosanah and Neal Chantara 808-828-1107  www.AlchemyOfAloha.com

*excerpted and paraphrased from an article by Dr Robert Young.

Keep your Home or Business Green & Safe

Meet the Ionator™

Where Technology greets Nature

Imagine a sustainable technology which replaces household and commercial cleaners.

Imagine replacing your chemical and even your "green" cleaners with tap water!  

Imagine fewer cleaning chemicals shipped and fewer bottles and boxes by the thousands to land-fill or recycle.

Safe for babies, kids, pets -- EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING:

No chemical or green cleaner residue
No poison control labels
No material safety data sheets or safety training required
Ideal for the the chemically sensitive  
NSF approved for use around food
And kills bacteria and viruses, including Swine Flu!

How green does it get?    How about cleaning and sanitizing with cold tap water?   The Ionator™ transforms plain tap water into a totally gentle yet amazingly easy and effective cleaner for windows, mirrors, counters, sinks, floors, and much more.    Replaces a legion of household cleaners.
A simple 6-second spray of non-toxic ionized water from an Ionator™  KILLS >99.9% of:

   * Pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus (Swine Flu)
   * E. coli
   * E. coli 0157.H7
   * VRE
   * Pseudomonas
   * Salmonella
   * Staph
   * MRSA
   * Listeria

Verified by an EPA certified lab.

Works great, saves money, protects the environment.

Convenient automatic sprayer, with no repetitive strain.

Nano bubbles of highly ionized water go straight to work emulsifying oils, breaking down dirt, and sanitizing.

Cleans as well or better than traditional cleaning chemicals.

Does this really work?  Tennant Co., a Fortune 500 company, makes floor cleaning machines used in hospitals, box stores, government buildings, indoor stadiums, and schools which use only ionized water!  The same company that makes the ionization technology for Tennant Company's floor cleaning equipment, and IonWays' drinking water systems, also makes the miniature ionization technology for Activeion's hand held Ionator™ sprayers.  These were featured on the American Health Journal documentary series shown on many Public Broadcasting Systems.

Janitors, professional cleaners, and now homeowners across the country, see and know that ionized water is better than any chemical cleaner they've ever used!  And it's completely non-toxic.  No chemical residue, which only attracts more dirt.  No worries about injuries from chemicals.  New uses for this amazing technology are being pioneered all the time.  For example, beauty shops are using these to wet hair as they trim.   Does it get any greener?

Save the cost of one of these sprayers in cleaning solutions your first year.  Alchemy of Aloha is dedicated to Keeping Our Planet Green.  Buy from us with a lifelong history of helping the environment, nurturing community, and supporting healing for people.  We'll help you save over the internet price!
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