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Underwater Safety & Self Defense: Oahu
  Website: www.pixi.com/~mcjitsu/mizujitsu/mizujitsu.html

Contact: Steve McLaughlin
E-mail: mcjitsu@pixi.com
Phone: (808) 595-7175

Honolulu, HI

Island: Oahu

Service Area: State Wide

Underwater Jujitsu Intro Course
Sponsored by: Hawaii Zenyo Jujutsu Kai
Take your jujuitsu off the mat and under the waves with Prof.Steve McLaughlin 8th  
Dan. Here's a unique opportunity to learn some underwater escape sequences based on traditional jujuitsu moves adapted for under water.

Developed from a course requested by NASA and adapted to the every day needs of dive master, life guards, martial artists, surfers, scuba divers and anyone involved in water safety and rescue.

Did we mention - it's Perfect for pirates, water film extras? Divers, Swimmers, Water rescue, students welcome.
Put a little James Bond into your water time.
Come on in - the water is fine, we'll have a great time!  

 This UnderWater Safety & Self Defense Course has been developed at the suggestions of such diverse organizations as NASA (as part of a request for a "Weightless Environment Combat Course"), YWCA (additional training for Lifeguards and pool personnel) and professional Dive Shops (for Rescue Divers, Dive Masters, and Dive Instructors). Every year there are drownings and severe injuries due to panic or anger in the water. There are several courses taught to Lifeguards, and Scuba instructors through the YMCA, Red Cross, PADI, and other fine organizations, such as the Advanced Lifeguard and the PADI Rescue Diver training, but these only cover the very basics. This course takes that training several steps further, in an organized, safe, and well documented manner.

   The instructor and author of this course is Prof. Steve McLaughlin, 7th Degree Black Belt in DanZan Ryu JuJitsu (and holds the rank of Black Belt in several other martial arts) a professional scuba diver and a PADI certified Rescue Diver. He is the owner and presiding instructor of the Hawaii Zenyo Jujutsu Kai in Honolulu, Hawaii, and teaches this course at Dive Centers, Dive Instructors and to many Dive and Water Safety professionals in Hawaii. This course has been taught in Nevada, California and Hawaii to the YMCAs / YWCAs, and Red Cross instructors for over 10 years. It is now available to all certified Lifeguards, Scuba Dive Instructors, and selected professionals in the Dive and Water Safety Industry.

    Originally a martial arts course, it was taught only in selected martial arts schools and at martial arts national conventions for 12 years before being made available to the professional public.  It has been in development for over 15 years by Sensei McLaughlin with help from Professor Herb LaGue (innovator of a 'Free Fall' weightless environment course originally requested by NASA). We have also relied heavily on the experience of PADI Instructors, the DAN database, and Military Dive instructors for the water safety and diving danger aspects of the course.
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