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LIV International Hawaii Oahu
  Website: www.livshimmy.com

Contact: Moana Meyer
E-mail: feelgoodagain@yahoo.com
Phone: (808) 429-3324
Mobile: (808) 351-4960

Honolulu, HI 96815

Island: Oahu

Service Area: All Islands

Liv International Hawaii is a FeelGood Company of one of a kind health and wellness products. We are a group of fun dedicated creative beings that want to FEEL good and help others do and be the same. When you FEELgood everything else works better!!!Everyone has amazing products and so do we....but it is the VIBE of the people in LIV that really makes every thing different...come check us out...

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade right?!!! A year ago when LIV arrived for its soft launch into Hawaii, My friend and I were fat uninspired and financially overwhelmed. We were asking for some answer to our prayers....I felt like I was rusting inside my body and everything just hurt 24/7. I was eating poorly due to the stress and my cravings were impossible to shift. I have great will power but my bodies addictions to the sugars, salts and fats were stronger..

THe products were so easy to take especially the LIV Sxinney flagship product...They called it LIV sxinney becasue it was originally made for diabetics and the side affects after getting their PH balanced and insulin under control, was some weight and inch loss....

I had an extra 20 pounds at 49 to loose and I was on the brink of 50 and felt like an old lady. I was ready and very willing...to my surprise after 5 days i kicked my daily diet coke habit and my cravings all started to subside. I put on some pants i hadnt worn comfortably in a year and they slipped on with ease. I was stoked!!!!

What I love about all the products Liv has is that they taste great, easy to use and they fit into my daily lifestyle and they are ALL NATURAL..THe LIV is like drinking 2 pounds of veggies and fruit a day. I dont think i have ever been this hydrated either. There is so much to say so i will post some times you can jump on Hawaii calls to find out more about the product line and the business. Yes this is Home Based and some of the greatest people i have ever met in my life.

It's not a question of if you will join a home base business, it is a question of which one. Timing is everything and we are Grand Opening this March 2010. Would you rather have 1% of 100 people or 100% of 1? This is the now and LIV is gonna be a billion dollar company in the next 5 years....plus we are a heck of alot of FUN.

Every Tuesday night Hawaii TIme 8pm A company and product open and sharing with Shadiya and myself

712-432-0447  pin # 70015#

Every Thursday night an extensive product discussion for 30 minutes at 7pm Hawaii time same numbers. Invite any and everyone...very informative and fun...

Also you can go to www.livoverview.com for another look at LIV and its culture!!!

We are dedicated to serve the purpose and mission of LIV which is to enhance the LIVes of people with increseing the levels of health and wellness and also their prosperity wellness as well...

Mahalo for all that you do for your family and friends and if anyone out there you know needs to feel better, loose some weight, get some help with their diabeties and other dis-eases please feel free to call us directly and talk story with us. We are here to serve LIVs purpose because it has served us...much mahalo and aloha

moana meyer 808-351-4960
shadiya doescher 808-429-3324
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