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A Private Yoga, Mantra & Meditation Class? Yes! Kauai
  Website: truefreedomcoaching.com/How_MantraSessions.html

Contact: Anandra George
E-mail: info@truefreedomcoaching.com
Phone: (808) 440-0691

Kilauea, HI 96754

Island: Kauai

Service Area: All Islands

Learn to use ancient spiritual technologies for self-healing... In your private session (on the beach on Kauai or online), we co-create a highly personal, focused program that puts effective, proven tools at your fingertips; to empower you to make tangible, wholistic life changes, and to attain your personal goals. The program is designed for you to then practice at home on your own.

A Complete Practice for Transformation A personalized mantra & yoga program addresses your whole being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. You will experience profound, yet gradual and safe transformation as you engage the practices that are specifically targeted to you, your gifts and strengths, your areas of weakness, and your personal goals.

Yoga for Physical Healing & Soul Evolution Most people are aware of the benefits of yoga, at least on the physical levels (reduces stress, increases strength & flexibility, corrects physical imbalances and heals the body of various disorders). Your personalized program will include several yoga postures that address any physical issues you have (i.e. digestive problems, carpal tunnel, low back pain, hip alignment). Other postures, mudras (hand gestures) and pranayama (scientific breathing) will also address the psycho-spiritual healing shifts you are seeking to achieve.

Mantra Therapy for Practical and Spiritual Concerns There are specific, effective mantras that address all levels of concern: - Prosperity - Attracting & Healing Relationships - Physical Health issues of all kinds - Spiritual Awakening and True Knowledge - Job difficulties (getting a job, being satisfied in it, being valued properly) - Emotional issues and family patterns - Systemic Disorders (Addictions, Eating Disorders) - Transformation of undesirable traits (i.e. fear, arrogance, anger) - Empowerment of inner divine masculine & feminine - Easing difficult astrological natal configurations & transits - Assisting the dying process - Assisting pregnancy & invoking a spiritual soul into embodiment - Restoring peace in any situation,of any magnitude

Your personalized program includes: 1. A 1-hour preparatory review of your situation on my part (including astrological factors) 2. A 3-hour personal session where we will discuss solutions and ideal outcomes (drawing upon my Life Coaching for Soul Evolution work). You will learn your mantras, and, to the extent you wish, yoga postures and scientific breathing techniques. Your daily practice can be designed as short or as long as you want (20 minutes to 2 hours or more.) 3. A written plan for your entire daily practice, and a list of your mantras (with translations/meanings as they are applicable to you). 4. A custom audio recording of your entire mantra program to support your home practice The cost is a sliding scale fee of $200-$500.

An introductory mantra or yoga session is also available and includes: 1. A 45 minute personal session 2. Your mantras (with translations/meanings) emailed to you. OR - a list of asana for you to practice on your own. The cost is a sliding scale fee of $50-$100.

Visiting Kauai? If you are visiting Kauai, and have the intention for a healing vacation, I invite you spend an inspiring afternoon with me and go home with a personal plan and tools to continue your growth.

Not on Kauai? I am available for in-person sessions on Kauai mostly, but not exclusively. I frequently travel to other islands, and occasionally to the mainland, so if you’re interested in receiving this work but don’t see yourself coming to Kauai, please contact me. We might be able to arrange something.

How do we start? Contact me at 808-440-0691 or info@truefreedomcoaching.com to schedule your free 15 minute assessment. www.truefreedomcoaching.com

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