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Sample Green Business Directory Listing Kauai
  Website: hawaiihealthguide.com/healthtalk/display.htm?id=744

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E-mail: info@hawaiihealthguide.com
Phone: (808) 638-0888

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Kapaa, HI 96746

Island: Kauai

Service Area: Kauai Directory available now; other islands soon.

Your key business message appears here, and is referenced by the search engines. Include your core message, and the key words you think people will be searching for to find your business. You may also want to include your business's proudest "green achievement" to highlight your values and commitment to sustainability.

Here you describe more about your green business, product, or service (you have unlimited words.)

Each listing in this directory features the actual certification criteria your business achieves:

Malama Kauai Green Business Program Member

Example criteria for businesses and restaurants is listed below:

Tier 0
_X_ Green Business Apprentice. Committed to achieving the minimum criteria as soon as possible.

Tier 1
_X_ Eliminate plastic bags
_X_ Eliminate styrofoam use
_X_ Start an internal recycling systems
_X_ Educate employees about your goals and commitment
_X_ Get a free electricity audit by KIUC and implement free change recommendations

Tier 2 (building on tier 1)
___ Buy post-consumer recycled paper products
Purchase 50% of your restaurant produce locally
_X_ Replace all faucets with low flow options
___ Encourage employees to bike or take the bus to work
_X_ Use non-toxic cleaners throughout your facility

Tier 3 (building on tier 1 and 2) and ongoing
NOTE: Tier 3 is choice based, meaning businesses are offered a list of options to chose from to make improvements. The example criteria listed below therefore may or not be in place depending upon the business’ priorities. If you’d like more information on what practices each tier 3 business is implementing please feel free to contact them.

___ Recycle all electronic waste, as well as fluorescent lights, paint, etc to the appropriate facilities
_X_ Offer a small incentive to customers who bring their own mug or bag
_X_ Use unbleached and/or chlorine free paper products
___ Use a solar hot water heater
___ Create a “zero-waste” breakroom by eliminating disposable items and offering permanent ware

The evolution to sustainable business practice is a process, with many dependent factors. Businesses listed here are submitting their information on a good faith basis. Malama Kauai works with each business to witness the completion of each criteria; however, Hawaii Health Guide and Malama Kauai make no claim and assumes no liability for the accuracy of the green business program participants’ claims and their ongoing fulfillment of the criteria. If you discover that a business that advertises here is not actually following the practices they have claimed, please inform us and contact the business itself with suggestions for improvement.

The criteria above represent a portion of the criteria that each business must fulfill before qualifying for the green business directory. For a more detailed list of certification criteria, please visit www.malamakauai.org

Are you a green business? Want to become one? Go for it - your advertising and green business program certification fees are included in one discounted package! Contact us: 808-638-0888 or info@hawaiihealthguide.com
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