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Sonco Via: Shamanic healing/spiritual retreats Kauai
  Website: www.soncovia.com

Contact: Chandra Porter
E-mail: chandra@soncovia.com
Phone: (808) 346-5951
Fax: (808) 822-0305

Address - Map & Directions
7182 Kahuna Rd.
Kapaa, HI 96746

Island: Kauai

Service Area: Kauai & available to other islands

Spiritual Adventures,  Andean Shamanism and healing.  Whether you have a few hours, a couple of days or a life-time, Chandra and the team at Sonco Via offer individual healing sessions, shamanic energy medicine, women’s retreats, customized spiritual adventures, explorations in nature, shamanic workshops and trainings, and indigenous ceremony.


info@soncovia.com   808-346-5951

Chandra has been initiated and trained in the native healing and ceremonial practices of the Americas. Awakened through dreams and a vision quest, she was guided to Peru, where she studied the mystery teachings of the Andes with Alberto Villoldo, PhD. and shamans of the high Andes, and became a mesa carrier. Chandra also apprentices with Tito La Rosa, renowned sound healer and ceremonialist, of Peru. She is a pipe carrier, spiritual voyeur and guide, using her gifts to weave the threads of indigenous wisdom, to assist in the ascension process, and to nurture the “seeds” of our collective “becoming”. Chandra also holds certification in Thai Yoga Therapy, cranio sacral unwinding, polarity therapy and sound healing.


Allow yourself to experience the profound peace of stepping outside of time and into your transcendent, eternal presence.

You will be safely held in sacred space and the timeless, to energetically release all that no longer serves your journey.

The Shamanic Energy Medicine tools we use include:
• sound healing and drum journeys
• soul retrieval
• imprint and trauma clearing
• energy balancing and chakra illumination
• destiny tracking and retrieval
• energetic extractions
* ceremonial death rites

The very nature of time as we know it is changing. More and more events are occurring in a shorter amount of time, creating stress and strain as we try to keep up. The emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds we may have suffered in the past are also keeping us trapped in unhealthy patterns that can manifest as physical illness. These wounds become stored as blockages and imprints in the luminous energy field that surrounds and informs the physical body. Healing these imprints allows us to walk with beauty and grace, clearing the path to choose our highest calling and reach our soul’s highest destiny.
info@soncovia.com  808-346-5951

Sacred journeys of the soul! Many gifts await you!

Bring yourself back home. Home to your innate wisdom, inner peace and passion for life.
In many indigenous cultures, the “torch” is being passed back to the women. The “world” as we know it is restructuring. The sacred feminine is being reborn and it is time for women to lead the world back to balance. For this to happen women need to heal. Women need to rejuvenate and reclaim their heart’s wisdom and power to express the unbound love and connection they feel with all life.

Sonco Via’s team is a council of courageous, intelligent and loving women, living this truth and cosmic order. We invite you to join us for a week of beauty, self-reflection and communion with nature.

For more information please visit www.soncovia.com.
info@soncovia.com  808-346-5951


Our shamanic intensives are designed for those called to walk “the path of the shaman”, as a personal path and/or as a practitioner of energy medicine and ceremony.

Available to all and designed for those wanting to integrate some shamanic ritual and practices into their daily life, Sonco Via also offers 1 and 2 day workshops.

Please visit our website at www.soncovia.com for more information and dates.  info@soncovia.com


“While in ceremony we step out of linear time, beyond language and reasoning, and into the sacred where true understanding, healing and wisdom reside. We step beyond the limitations of the mind and into the boundless potential where the heart, imagination and the forces of nature unite.”

We offer ancient, earth honoring ceremony.  Indigenous to the Andes and North America.  Please visit www.soncovia.com for more detailed description.
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