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Tasty and Meatless Video Cookbooks Oahu

Contact: Joy Waters
Phone: (808) 255-9454

Address - Map & Directions
PO Box 240974
Honolulu, HI 96821

Island: Oahu

Learn to Cook Easy Vegetarian Recipes with these DVD Video Cookbooks. We will teach you how to make simple, vegetarian recipes that even part-time vegetarians will enjoy!

Have you ever read a recipe, then tried it, but got results that didn't look like the picture? Cookbooks are often confusing, but with the Tasty and Meatless DVD Video Cookbook Series you will never waste time in the kitchen again!   Now you can WATCH how the recipes are made and learn at your own pace. Stop, rewind, and play again until all the steps make sense.  We make it EASY for you to master the cooking techniques that decrease the fat and cholesterol content of each dish, which can prevent disease and help you lose weight. Discover new products that every healthy kitchen should have, see the packaging, and watch how it is used in real recipes.  Learn how what you are preparing will help your body's health! Each cooking demonstration is filled with pop-ups containing nutritional facts about the ingredients and valuable comparison charts.  These DVD Video Cookbooks are packed with creative and delicious ways to eat healthy foods that normally you might not prepare. My teriyaki-steak-and-rice-loving, local Hawaiian-style boyfriend now makes great teriyaki tofu. He says he learned it all by watching Tasty and Meatless. We teach all the secrets of making great tofu, including,   • How to drain tofu properly and why you should do it. • The difference between water packed tofu and silken tofu in a box. • How freezing tofu changes the texture to be more chewy, like meat. • How to store tofu in the refrigerator and how long it keeps. • How to make lower fat salad dressings using tofu • How to use tofu in place of eggs and cheese for dairy-free meals.  I have personally tasted each and every one of these recipes in all of the Video Cookbooks during the shoots for the TV series and I assure you they are completely delicious. My second cameraman is a self-proclaimed carnivore but he's the first in line when we start sampling what the chef made.

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