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All Islands Directory Healing Techniques Massage
Ayurveda & Pancha Karma at Tri Health Kauai
  Website: www.trihealthayurvedaspa.com

E-mail: info@trihealthayurvedaspa.com
Phone: (808) 828-2104
Toll Free: (800) 455-0770
Fax: (808) 822-3856

PO Box 340
Anahola, HI 96703-0340

Island: Kauai

Service Area: North Shore Spa, Products Internationally

Tri Health Ayurveda Spa (MAE#1264) Using synchronized movements and heated oils our therapists provide ultimate relaxation with Samvahana, massage followed by a steam bath, Shirodhara, massage to the forehead and scalp, Pizichil, massage followed by warm oil poured over the body,Udwarthana, massage with herbal paste. Tri Health also distributes quality Ayurvedic products throughout the US.

Ayurveda, India's 5000 year old system of health and well being, is gaining worldwide recognition as an effective approach to healthy living. Sanskrit for the science of life Ayurveda aims to restore health to the body and mind by balancing the three basic constitutional doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha Ayurveda utilizes various modalities, such as diet, massage, yoga, herbs, and purgatives to cleanse, heal, restore and revitalize the entire person. With the use of specific herbs, foods, oils, and tonics for each dosha, one can bring wholeness to the body and peace to the mind.

Since 1993 Tri Health Ayurveda Spa, through its association with India's most respected Ayurvedic organizations, has been committed to sharing the ancient traditions of massage with the West. Therapists at Tri Health Ayurveda Spa, are specially trained in the classical oil treatments of Kerala, India, home of Ayurvedas renowned purification therapy, Panchakarma. Translated as five actions, Panchakarma involves the use of oils, herbs and heat to provide a comprehensive system of purification.

Tri Health Ayurveda Spa, traditional use of warm herbal oils to open and cleanse the pores sets the stage for the body to take in nutrients (facilitating cell rejuvenation) as it releases toxins (supporting purification).

Tri Health Ayurveda Spa features the following therapies:Samvahana~ Specially trained therapists anoint you with potent herbal oil, and working with synchronized movements, perform a vigorous and deeply satisfying massage, followed by a detoxifying steam bath in our traditional rosewood steamer.
** Stimulates the circulatory, immune and nervous systems
**  Rejuvenates the skin and body tissues
**  Relieves stress, induces sound sleep, and revives the body and mind

Shirodhara~ After a brief oil massage, you are sent to the realm of bliss, as warm herbal oil is continuously poured on your forehead and scalp in a rhythmic manner.
**  Enhances circulation in the brain and improves memory
**  Bestows sound sleep and nourishes the hair and scalp
**   Effectively treats stress, travel fatigue and excess vata

Pizichil~ In a synchronized fashion, two therapists continuously bathe your entire body with warm, herbal oil inducing swedana, or sweating, for elimination of impurities and absorption of nutrients.  
**  Creates a profound sense of relaxation
**  Provides a simple yet highly effective method of detoxification
**  Addresses exhaustion, muscular aches and strains

Udwarthana~ Utilizing the Ayurvedic formula triphala, an herbal paste is blended and massaged onto your body by two therapists using synchronized movements. The repeated movements over hair follicles and skin tissue promote the breakdown of fatty deposits.
**   Reduces cholesterol levels, skin problems, and adipose tissue
**  Imparts mobility to the joints while strengthening and shaping the muscles
**  Removes toxins and refreshes the body

In addition, Tri Health Ayurveda distributes Ayurvedic specialty products in nine categories:  
**  Arishtams-naturally fermented herbal extracts
** Asavams-naturally fermented herb juices
**  Choornas-herbs in powdered form for internal and external use
**  Grithams-herb infused ghee(clarified butter)**  Kwaths-concentrated fermented herbal extracts
**  Lehyams & Rasayanams-herbal jams
**  Patent Medicines-signature herbal formulas
**  Thailams-herbal infused oils for massage or internal use
**  Vatis-herbal combinations in pill form

Kindly visit our website www.trihealthayurveda.com for more information.
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