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Second Skin Naturals Organic Herbal Body Care Kauai
  Website: www.secondskinnaturals.com

E-mail: secondskinnaturals@yahoo.com
Phone: (808) 634-0454

Address - Map & Directions
P.O. Box 360
Kilauea, HI 96754-0360

Island: Kauai

Service Area: World Wide

Second Skin Naturals is a Kaua'i grown company, utilizing sustainable farming practices to produce environmentally responsible body care products for everyday needs. Offering Kaua'i Grown Hawaiian Mosquito Shield.

Second Skin NaturalsTM Hawaiian Mosquito ShieldTM is a Natural Mosquito Repellent that contains No DEET and is Vegan. Our products are safe, effective, and doctor recommended for children, elderly and the chemically sensitive. We are proud to offer our Hawaiian Mosquito ShieldTM, Made on Kaua'i, with world-wide shipping. Hawaiian Mosquito ShieldTM is a unique water based blend of Kauai Spring Water, Hawaiian Herbs, Organic Extracts, and Pure Essential Oils.

Ingredients to include: Kaua'i Spring Water, Kaua'i Neem, Noni, Aloe, Awapuhi, Lemon Eucalyptus, Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract(GSE), Pure Essential Oils, and Hawaiian Medicinal Herbs. The majority of our ingredients are grown and nourished with love on our family farm on the north east shore of Kauai, Hawaii. Our Hawaiian Mosquito ShieldTM smells and feels wonderful, is non-toxic and is extremely beneficial for the skin.

(See Testimonials)

“Thank you for creating a product that is both safe and effective. I feel good letting my children apply this product because I know the ingredients are not harmful to them, yet the mosquitoes seem to hate it! My Man always says I smell good when I wear Second Skin. You have created a powerful repellent that is safe and smells pleasant. There is no other product for our family. Many sincere thanks." - Dr. M. M. MD

"Your most recent version is the best! It works and feels nice! Other beneficial uses: cuts and abrasions. Love is all Around!" - Dr. M. G. ND

“Second Skin Naturals has proven to serve my needs in a safe and non-toxic manner; Not just in Hawaii but in Thailand, Singapore, Nepal and India. It is a real blessing to use Second Skin Naturals without having to give up my peace of mind. It really works and helps soothe my skin during those times when I get too much sun as well.” - Eagle www.PineappleYoga.com

"I am that person who comes in from the outdoors with twenty mosquito bites, while no one else has a single bite. Mosquito bites have been a problem for me at home in Central Pennsylvania and while traveling through Mexico and Central America. I have tried many other products and home remedies to repel bugs, but this is the only product that has worked for me. I first found Second Skin Naturals Mosquito Shield while on my honeymoon in Kauai and I will continue to have it shipped to me as needed. It smells good, feels good and is safe for the skin. It is fantastic!" - S.O. Mechanicsburg, PA

"Second Skin is the natural alternative to toxic repellents that contain DEET. I believe it greatly benefits the Immune System. It's like wearing Nature." - A.M., Kaua'i Sunrise Organic Farms

"You make this stuff? I love this product! People always ask me, 'Well, does it really work?', and I'm like, Yeah, it works great! Not only that, it smells wonderful and feels great too...When will you carry it in New Zealand?" - K. M. Mango Mamas

"Aloha! I bought your natural bug spray and we took the tour at the National Tropical Botanical Gardens and not one mosquito bit us! This product is Amazing! I've used all that other natural stuff, and stuff with DEET and chemicals, etc. and nothing has worked as good as this! We will definitely continue to use your products and are glad they are available online." - N.B.-A, Oakland, New Jersey

"We Love your product! My two-and-a-half year old is getting eaten alive here in Florida... My sister sent us a bottle of Second Skin, and problem solved! We are hooked! Thank You!" - D. G. Pensacola, Florida

"You were so kind to give me some samples, Well, IT WORKS! After having been mauled by a pack of voracious mosquitoes, I sprayed Hawaiian Mosquito Shield on, and they left me alone! I love the scent and the way it absorbs into my skin. I had been using a DEET concoction that really didn't work very well at all and I felt like I was applying poison to my skin, whereas Hawaiian Shield felt healthy and nourishing.And best of all, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!! Thank you so much, I will tell everyone I know about it!" - D. T. Los Gatos, California

"Hi. My husband and I are from Ohio. I asked if Hawaiian Mosquito Shield works against chiggers (a very aggravating no-seeum type of insect that burrows in and itches horribly) and you gave me a bottle to try. As to chiggers protection, I haven't gotten any bites this season,and I'm usually a mosquito magnet but this product really works... and is not toxic!" - C. R. Cincinnati, Ohio

"Second Skin, The best smelling stuff ever! I love that spray! It really works!"- A. C. Kilauea, Hawai'i "I found it to be quite useful as more than just a bug repellent which it does very well. I also used it as a first aid cleansing spray for my cuts and abrasions, it appeared to speed the healing." - Anonymous statistical survey 1-13-04 "We were in Hanalei Bay this month and used this product and loved it. We are now back on the mainland and used it here also very successfully. We will be running out and would like to order more." - C. C., Stinson Beach, CA.

"I spray Second Skin around my bed at night and it keeps the mosquitoes away." - G. S., Aloha Organics LLC, Kaua'i, HI.

"I've used Second Skin's Mosquito Shield for years everyday at my job. I work in the jungle of Kaua'i and everyday it saves my skin from millions of itchy mosquito bites. Thank you."- Chief Engineer, KKCR Kaua'i Community Radio

"Smells great and works better!" - Anonymous statistical survey 1-16-04

"As a repellent this product works really well. We also used it on our son's Eczema at night (toes and legs) and it seemed to soothe it and make it go away when I am consistent in my applications." - A.D. Kilauea, Hawaii

"The fact that it contains Neem and Noni make this product a totally great application against mosquitoes. Thank you for an Awesome product!" - Anonymous statistical survey Hanalei, Hawaii

"I shook it up, rubbed it in, and I loved it! Hawaiian Mosquito Shield is excellent; It works, it's all natural, it smells really good and it's made with love!" - M. C. Kalihiwai and Molokai, Hawaii

Mahalo Nui Loa and Thank you for your time.

Raven CJ Liddle (808) 634-0454
President 2SN LLC - Second Skin Naturals www.secondskinnaturals.com secondskinnaturals@yahoo.com
PO Box 360 Kilauea, HI. 96754

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