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All Islands Directory Healing Techniques Aura Balancing
Family Peace Group - Hawaii International School Kauai
  Website: www.familypeacegroup.org

Contact: Billy Whelan
E-mail: hawaiiIS@aol.com
Phone: (808) 821-8118
Mobile: (808) 635-0453

Address - Map & Directions
1191 kuhio hwy # 300
Kapaa, HI 96746

Island: Kauai

Service Area: Kauai

Aura Balancing, Long Distance Aura Balancing, Facilitating. Spiritual Healing School: Clearing Unresolved Childhood Issues, Karmic blocks, Forgiveness, Chanting, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique.

Coconut Oil - Organic, Living Fuel - Complete Nutritional Supplement, Goatein - Goat's Milk Powder Protein


Aura balancing is a spiritual technique in which
the balancer works directly with the negative  
patterns, thought patterns & emotional blocks  
the client has anchored in his/her psyche/aura,
removing these blocks & replacing them with  
love, light & truth.

Many balancings deal with past life creations  
that block and impede well-being, creating
negative cellular memory.
Some balancings focus on childhood blocks from
this time, where negative patterns are anchored.

The aura is the electromagnetic field emanating  
approximately 18 inches from and around the body
and is the accepted term for this psychic &
spiritual energy field.

For centuries, Yoga psychology described the
aura as an energy field surrounding the body  
interacting through spiritual centers called
chakras. This energy field reacts through our
attitudes. Negativity, judgments & anger become
locked within the aura creating imbalance, upset
& dis-ease. These distortions manifest through
upset, lack of well being, lack of trust,
unhappiness, discomfort, feeling unsafe &
finally disease.

Chakras are the energy centers considered
the receptors that assimilate & transmit life
energy. The contents of our chakras are a
product of our experiences in the physical
world, & get locked in from lifetime to
lifetime. These experiences form patterns
that stay with us in our chakras, forming  
tendencies & behavior patterns that may
not serve us. One of the objects of a balancing
is to cleanse the chakra of negative & non-
productive patterns & to transform these
patterns into love & light positive forms.
Aura Balancings are $100.00 per hour and last  
approximately 1 & 1/2 hours/

Long Distance Balancing

Weve developed a method offering long distance
aura balancing. These balancings are performed  
regardless of where the balancee is, London, New
York or New Mexico. It entails calling the
clients "etheric double" onto the table here on
Kauai. In our experiments, the balancing is
identical, with the only difference; the client
is not physically present.

The "etheric double" is the exact counterpart of
the physical body and it serves many purposes,
like distributing energy, vitality & prana to
the physical body. It is also the bridge to the
astral body and serves as a causeway or
transformer of consciousness from the higher
etheric & astral realms. It is also where the  
charkas reside.

Optimally, a phone with a headset jack would be
appropriate so you may participate in the
balancing hands free. The headset should have an
earpiece and microphone.

A mutual time for the balancing will be
assigned. The client will need to lie down, in a
quiet space for approximately two hours,
additional phones turned off. The space chosen
must be one with no external interruption. If
there is a possible interruption another time
more conducive to privacy is suggested.
Occasionally these sessions become quite  
You will need to bring a notebook & pencil to
the balancing.
We ask that you bring problems you want to work
on, as this is a corroborative process,a
Partnering with Spirit, if you will.

The cost of the balancing is $200.00 American
and must be paid in advance. Upon receipt of the
payment we will call you to set up a mutually
agreeable time.

A release form must be signed in advance of the


Family Peace Group, teaches an aspect of        
Spiritual Science.
Classes are designed to assist students in
spiritual self-growth, the prerequisite to
facilitating spiritual healing.
The curriculum, derived from a variety of  
spiritual sources, further directs the student
to learn responsible loving and provides
opportunities to practice Partnering with


  Unresolved childhood issues
  Tools to be more effective with ourselves
  Meditation
  Chanting
  Karma, Samskaras, Vasanas
  The Power of Forgiveness
  The Karmic Contract
  How to access past life & karmic blocks
  Practice seeing into & hearing spirit
  EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique)


The school offers the opportunity to learn  
to Facilitate Spiritual Healing through aura  
and chakra cleansing.


21 years old
Received first Aura Balancing


Commencing March 13 - Noon to 3PM for 16 weeks


$1000.00  Payment Plan Available
          Limited Scholarships


(808) 821-8118




After a Catholic childhood, Billy had an
awakening with the Indian Avatar Meher Baba in
1969. This Spiritual Master anchored the  
awakening foundation in his heart for  
his lifes  work Facilitating Spiritual
This sacred time with Baba awoke him to  
the Kingdom of Heaven within and launched his  
conscious spiritual life. It also accelerated
his gift of seeing in Spirit.
A successful businessman with Jaguars, Lincolns,
and beachfront property in the Bahamas, he gave
away most of his possessions and commenced
traveling the world seeking to quench an
insatiable thirst for spirit, after this amazing
He spent the next twenty years with six    
Spiritual Masters, awakening, clearing his own
karma and strengthening his ability to hear and
see into spirit.

Today, Billy is director of Family Peace
Group, a Kauai based organization dedicated to  
assisting individuals and families to have more  
loving and harmonious lives. Family Peace Group
is part of the 501-c-3 non-profit Hawaii
International School.
Billy has dedicated his life to assisting people
to understand that they are not victims. Proving
they have control over their lives once they use
appropriate tools.


1 - Coconut Oil - Organic  

2 - Living Fuel - Complete Nutritioanl  

3 - Goatein - Protein Powder from Goat's Milk

1- Tropical Traditions VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is an
   This high-grade VIRGIN COCONUT OIL has a long
   shelf life due to COCONUT OIL'S natural anti-
   oxidant properties. It has the longest shelf
   life of any plant oil!


    This grade of COCONUT OIL can be applied  
     directly to the skin for conditioning.
    As a cooking oil, its chemical structure is
     kept in tact and therefore is resistant to
     mutations of fatty acid chains even when
     used in higher cooking temperatures, unlike
     most vegetable oils.
    For those looking to lose weight naturally,
     switching to VIRGIN COCONUT OIL can burn
     off unwanted pounds.
    VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is also great for
     digestive disorders such as Crohn's
     disease, IBS, and Colitis.
    It is a powerful agent in killing
     intestinal parasites.
    Thyroid sufferers are finding that VIRGIN  
     COCONUT OIL boosts the metabolism and
     raises body temperatures.
    And there is exciting research showing that
     the MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) in
     coconut oil act to kill Candida Albicans!
     These MCTs are also responsible for revving
     up metabolism and giving energy, which
     holds promise for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
     sufferers, as well as others who need to
     boost their energy.
    It is also great as massage oil, and is
     highly valued as an ingredient in natural  
     soaps and skin care products.
    VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is rich in lauric acid,
     a proven antiviral and antibacterial
     It is currently being used in treating
     AIDS.  Monolaurin is a monoglyceride of
     lauric acid.   Lauric acid is also found in
     human mother's milk.  Dr. Mary Enig  
     suggests the average adult include about
     3.5 Tbsp. of COCONUT OIL per day in their
     After unjustly getting lumped in the no-
     fat craze of past decades, COCONUT OIL is
     now starting to get the respect it deserves
     as not only the healthiest oil you can
     consume, even superior to olive oil which
     contains trans-fat, but as one of the most
     nutritious of all foods.
     The May 3 edition of Womens World called
     COCONUT OIL a miracle food and
     particularly touted its ability to help the
     body burn unwanted fat.
     A Delicious way to prevent Disease, Lose
     Weight & Increase Energy.
     During the no-fat craze of the past
     decades, all saturated fats were marked as
     bad, as something to be avoided. Knowledge
     was already in place to the contrary, but
     as often happens, perceptions -- pushed by
     industries like corn oil companies who
     profited immensely from doing so --
     overshadowed science. And COCONUT OIL, far
     more nutritious and beneficial than corn,
     peanut, soy, safflower and the other oils
     out there, nonetheless got tossed into
     the no saturated fat over generalizations
     and lunacy.
     (808) 821-8118 or hawaiiIS@aol.com


   LIVING FUEL is an optimized super-food meal
   replacement. LIVING FUEL provides complete  
   Building Blocks and Fuel for the body, brain,
   and every cell in a nutrient-dense restricted
   calorie format. Most people, including
   professional athletes, find that they can
   thrive on one serving of LIVING FUEL for up
   to three to six hours, depending on their
   activity level. Each serving of LIVING FUEL
   --  has more calcium than milk,
   --  more potassium than bananas,
   --  more fiber than oatmeal,
   --  more friendly bacteria (probiotics)
       than yogurt,
   --  more protein than 6 egg whites,
   --  more greens, cofactors, vitamins,
       minerals, antioxidants, and other
       phytonutrients than a basket of fruits  
       and vegetables,
   --  plus omega-3 essential fatty acids and  
       selected herbs  
   LIVING FUEL contains virtually every known
   nutrient and is designed to be hypoallergenic
   and to have a low glycemic response. It is a
   blend of the earth's most potent organic,
   wildcrafted, and all natural foods that have
   been optimized with the most bio-available
   and usable nutrients and co-factors in
   existence, including stabilized probiotics
   for healthy intestinal function, herbs to
   enhance major body systems, anti oxidants to
   protect against free radical damage, vitamins
   and minerals to optimize the naturally
   occurring vitamin and mineral profile of the
   foods, amino acids to optimize the naturally
   occurring amino acid profile of the plant
   proteins, and a custom enzyme complex to
   maximize the delivery of nutrients to the
   (808) 821-8118 or hawaiiIS@aol.com


   Goat's milk is the most widely consumed milk
   in the world.

   GOATEIN goats are NOT fed pesticides,  
   herbicides, growth hormones or antibiotics.  
   Many people who cannot drink cow's milk are
   able to take GOATEIN.
   GOATEIN contains all the essential amino
   acids for optimal health.
   GOATEIN is minimally processed to preserve
   its original composition.
   GOATEIN contains 14 strains of probiotics and
   is abundant in digestive enzymes.


   Proteins are the building blocks of human
   life, essential for normal growth. Protein is
   90 percent of the dry weight of blood, 80
   percent of muscles, and 70 percent of the
   skin. Proteins provide the building blocks    
   for connective tissue and are the primary
   constituents of enzymes, hormones and
   antibodies. They encompass many important
   chemicals including immunoglobulins and
   enzymes. In short, protein is the basic stuff
   of muscles, skin, bones, hair, heart, teeth,
   blood, brains, skin and the many
   biochemical activities going on in our bodies
   every minute. When we fail to consume
   adequate amounts of protein, the blood and    
   tissues can become either too acidic or too
   alkaline. Lack of dietary protein can retard
   growth in children, and in adults can be a
   contributing factor in chronic fatigue,
   depression, slow wound healing, and decreased
   resistance to infection. GOATEIN contains
   approximately 22 amino acids, eight of which
   are essential because the body cannot produce
   them. Therefore, they must be obtained from
   our food. The sulfur-containing amino acids:
   methionine, cystine and cysteine, are
   particularly important for the health of the
   brain and nervous system. The amino acid
   cysteine, which is the one most severely
   damaged by processing, is possibly the most
   important anti-catabolic amino acid. There is
   clinical evidence that supplementing the diet
   with bioavailable cystine and other amino
   acids contained in specially processed milk
   proteins can help build blood quality and
   even detoxify harmful chemicals. Studies have
   shown as little as 20mg of bioavailable
   cysteine per day produces dramatic results in
   individuals using resistance training. One
   daily serving of GOATEIN provides over 45mg of
   The Amino Acid Profile Of Goatein
   Pure Goat's Milk Protein:  
   Alanine     2.8%   Lysine* 6.4%
   Arginine     2.9%   Methionine 2.9%
   Apartic Acid     6.0%   Phenyalanine 4.4%
   Cystine/Cysteine  .5%   Proline 12.5%
   Glutamic Acid   21.2%   Serine* 5.4%
   Glycine     1.4%   Threonine 4.8%
   Histidine     2.6%   Tryptophan 1.0%
   Isoleucine     4.8%   Tyrosine     3.9%
   Leucine     9.4%   Valine       7.1%

   Animal protein is the only source of
   complete protein available. Animal sources of
   protein (such as GOATEIN)have many advantages
   over vegetarian sources (such as soy) because
   vegetarian sources are typically low in one  
   or more of the essential amino acids even  
   when overall protein content is high. There
   is now some controversy regarding the safety
   of soy. Soy protein is thought by some
   researchers to be high in mineral-blocking
   phytates and thyroid-depressing
   phytoestrogens. Potent enzyme inhibitors in  
   soy may even depress growth.

   GOATElN is pure. GOATEIN is the highest
   quality protein powder available. It is
   produced from goat's milk that contains no
   antibiotics or female growth hormones. Most
   commercially available dairy protein powders
   are produced from animals given antibiotics
   and/or BrST that can provide the user with
   unacceptable amounts of female hormones (is
   there an "acceptable" amount?). Many
   vegetable protein powders are made from non-
   organic, or GMO sources and may contain
   chemical residues.

                                                     The smaller molecules of goat's milk are
   closer in size and composition to human milk,
   making it easier to digest. Goat's milk
   protein is also substantially less allergenic
   than cow's milk protein in susceptible
   individuals. Additionally, GOATEIN is
   partially pre-digested through a lactic acid
   fermentation process to make it even more bio-
   available while virtually eliminating it's
   lactose content. Research has shown that
   proteins from milk that have been pre-
   digested by lacto-fermentation are absorbed
   more efficienty as those of non-fermented
   milk. During the fermentation process many
   digestive enzymes are created that aid in the
   assimilation of food nutrients.
   In THE MILK BOOK, William Campbell Douglass,  
   M.D. states that the protein contained in
   cultured (lacto- fermented) dairy products is
   the very highest quality available for
   human consumption.
                                                     GOATElN IS MINIMALLY PROCESSED.
                                                     Most other milk protein powders are made from
   cow's milk and, even though they claim to
   be "minimally processed," most use several
   invasive processing steps, including heating
   at high temperatures. These methods denature
   many important amino acids and DESTROY
   enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Research
   suggests that processing whey with heat and
   acid (i.e. ion-exchange) results in the loss
   of several key amino acids including:
   Cysteine 73-77%; Threonine 35-45%; Serine 18-
   30%; and Lysine 19-20%. Because GOATEIN is
   processed without the use of acid or
   excessive heat, the amino acids, enzymes and
   beneficial bacteria remain in their natural
   (808 821-8118 or hawaiiIS@aol.com
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