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BodyMind & Breath Center Kauai
  Website: www.lauhala.com/joan

Contact: Joan Levy
E-mail: joan@joanlevy.com
Phone: (808) 822-5488
Fax: (808) 822-5488

Address - Map & Directions
PO Box 160
Kapaa, HI 96746

Island: Kauai

We have enormous capacities for joy, love and fulfillment. If we can only get out of our own way! Joan's skillful and effective psychospiritual intensives will expand your capacity to enter into the fullness of who you really are. Enhance your whole life as well as your vacation!

Psychotherapy That Works.

Breakthrough short term (1-3 sessions) Transformational work from a licensed psychotherapist combining insight, breathwork and spiritual purpose with 23 years of experience. For individuals and couples.

Heal your heart & evolve your consciousness with Joan's holistic, mind/body/spirit approach for Individuals & Couples.

Focused on Cause & Psycho-Spiritual Purpose rather than Consequence & Story, this transformational work will help you:
1) Update your consciousness as you learn from and leave your past behind you.
2) Uproot dysfunctional patterns of thinking, feeling & behaving;
3) Free yourself from false identifications and beliefs; 4) Release body armoring, held-in, buried, conflicted, or traumatic emotions, & memories from the past;.
5) Relinquish guilt, shame, blame and co-dependence; 6) Reclaim your entitlement and self-worth and empower yourself to communicate and navigate through your experience to mutual satisfaction.

As you release held-in emotions, body armoring and old patterns of consciousness that have denied your vitality, wholeness & happiness you will gain new clarity, freedom, consciousness and become more fulfilled and on-purpose in your daily life.

24 years experience combining: Insight; Reichian & Middendorf Breathwork; Deep Emotional Release; Inner-Child; Grief Work; EMDR; Communication Skills; Consciousness Training; and Spiritual Purpose. Brief Intensives and On-going.

"Joan wastes no time in getting to the core issues in any situation. Not
only does she quickly get what is going on, but she is a great monitor
of mood and energy
" JH

"She isn't afraid of bringing me to that deep part of me where the vulnerable child lives" TC

"I felt awesome and alive - like I was 6 years old again." JS

"One evening with Joan went deeper and further than my past 2 years of therapy"
. BH

Enhance your whole life as well as your vacation!

For more info, please go to my website www.lauhala.com/joan

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