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Balance Point Health Center- MAE 1463 Oahu
  Website: www.massage-hawaii.com

Contact: Michael Merrimer LMT #5342
E-mail: scheduling@massage-hawaii.com
Phone: (808) 721-1726

Address - Map & Directions
1521 S. King Street
Suite 407
Honolulu, HI 96826

Island: Oahu

Service Area: Serving the Island of Oahu

Michael Merrimer (LMT #5342) is a fully licensed, mature and experienced massage therapist and the owner of Balance Point Health Center.

Michael's goals are to help you identify the results of stress, accident, injury or exercise, and then to work with you to restore your ease of movement, and pain-free range of motion. He wants you to feel better!

Our Philosophy "Balance" is what the Balance Point Health Center (BPHC) is all about.
We offer you therapeutic massage, supported by one-on-one yoga sessions and a personal exercise program. We begin where YOU are, aiming to partner with you for long-lasting solutions to your unique body challenges.
Balance Point's owner, Michael Merrimer, LMT 5342 has been teaching and working with clients on Oahu since 1998. A gifted massage therapist, he is focused on helping his clients be more proactive in addressing stiffness, soft tissue pain, and stress-related discomforts. A caring, nurturing massage therapist he understands that discomfort, pain and stiffness often motivate people to seek massage. However, regular massage can PREVENT these undesirable effects of exercise, aging, accident or illness.

Balance Point Health Center provides free, on-site parking. Office hours are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.Contact us at scheduling@massage-hawaii.com or 808.721.1726  http://www.massage-hawaii.com/ouraddress.html

Balance Point Health Centered-Massage is focused on the clients needs at the time of the visit. Sometimes you just need to relax, let go, and rejuvenate yourself. We call this a Relaxation Massage Re-Set Through Swedish massage and conscious breathing techniques.

Michael says: "I help you turn off your left-brain and draw your mind into your physical body. Slowly, gently I help you to leave behind the worldly stresses that seem forever present. As the massage progresses to areas of tight muscles and sore tissue, we work to let go of the conscious tension and allow the muscles to melt and relax. Gradually your busy conscious mind quiets and your thinking flows into waves of deep relaxation. Often, time seems to stop. Cares and worries forgotten, you breathe deeply into a world of stillness and peace. Your tissue softens; your joints expand; your heart begins a rejuvenating pace as your blood carries away stress and tiring waste products. For the rest of the massage you seemingly float on a warm cushion of healing touch. Gradually your breathing deepens as your conscious mind merges with your body and you feel refreshed and energized. Re-entering the world, you feel supported by your body and able to handle all those things you have to do today."

Balance Point Health Center is a massage and personal training studio in Honolulu, where owner MICHAEL MERRIMER uses only hands-on, drug free techniques to lengthen and soften tight muscles, fascia and attachments. Since 1990, Michael has focused on helping people resolve the cause of their discomfort rather than just treating their symptoms. To greatly speed your recovery, massage and exercise are tailored to your special needs.

Michael continuously upgrades his professional skills. He has been trained in Swedish/Esalen, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Balancing, Structural Integration and also teaches and integrates yoga techniques into his practice.

RATES vary by the service you use: Choose a 1 hr. in-studio massage ~ $100.00 or a 1-1/2 hr. in-studio massage ~ $150.00.   If you need Frequency and SENIOR discounts - see Balance Points web site at http://www.massage-hawaii.com for more details. Gift certificates available. Out calls (massage at your location) slightly higher.

INSURANCE: Medical massage with a doctors prescription may be covered by your insurance.

APPOINTMENTS are available from 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. Weekend or evening sessions can be cheerfully arranged with advanced notice.

LOCATION: The Balance Point Clinic in Honolulu offers an easy- to- reach retreat with FREE parking at Balance Point Health Center located

Balance Point Health Center
located in the Continental Building

1521 S. King Street
Suite 407
Honolulu, Hi 96826

This private studio has been created with your comfort and safety in mind! This fully licensed clinic setting provides a medical and holistic approach to self-improvement with both bodywork and physical training available and your choice of several massage therapists, Massage Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and referrals to Chiropractic and Counseling Services available.

IN-HOUSE SERVICES include massage, muscle testing, postural assessment, and education. All 90 minutes sessions with Michael (relaxation or therapeutic) include a free assessment for personalized stretching and toning programs tailored to your activities and interests.

OUT CALLS: Available island-wide. Outcall charge waived for North Shore and Windward Oahu clients booked in advance.

CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS are available on an individual or group basis. Michael is a licensed supervisor for massage apprenticeships in beginning and intermediate medical-massage training. Practicing therapists and student interns may contact Michael directly for apprenticeship opportunities.

YOGA: Yoga energy, breath work and stretching are integral parts of all the teaching. Give us a call today and enjoy the benefits of massage.At BPHC we teach you about your body. We show you the "Missing Manual" on how to restore the whole body balance you were born with.

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