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Kauai Yoga School Teacher Training - YOGALIGN Kauai
  Website: www.manayoga.com

Contact: Michaelle Edwards
E-mail: michaelle@manayoga.com
Phone: (808) 826-9230

Address - Map & Directions
P.O. Box 681
Hanalei, HI 96714

Island: Kauai

Michaelle Edwards, creator of the YOGALIGN method, offers pain free Yoga from the Core. On the beautiful north shore of Kauai just above Hanalei is her beautiful 5 acre property and private yoga and bodywork studio. Come to a drop in class or book a private session and learn how to do yoga and stretching without pain or injuries.

YogAlign shows you how to keep your body in natural alignment while you eliminate painful muscle patterning which holds your body unconsciously in a state of tension.
Working with a unique breathing process which activates the psoas and the diaphragm, YogAlign is a painless style of yoga, self massage and natural alignment which shifts your movements and posture at the nervous system level.

Most chronic pain in the body comes from misalignment and YogAlign is a system that tones, aligns, adjusts, lengthens and massages your entire body from the inside out.  You do not need to do painful poses or crunches to get out of pain fast.

Endorsements of YogAlign:

“Yoga has been a useful tool in keeping my body and spirit balanced. I appreciate Michaelle Edwards showing me a safe and effective way to practice yoga. I highly recommend her YogAlign style of yoga with its emphasis on neuromuscular balancing, natural spine alignment and core breathing."
-Laird Hamilton

"Michaelle has been a passionate yogi for years and her love for teaching guided her to a genuinely effective and healing yoga technique...YogAlign"  
-Mariel Hemmingway

“Michaelle’s teaching offers inner and outer alignment in harmony with the beautiful island of Kauai. A practice with mana and prana.”
-Shiva Rea

Go to www.manayoga.com for more information on YOGALIGN.

Teacher trainings, retreats and privates, classes and accommodations are available.  

Contact Michaelle at 808-826-9230
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