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Divine Openings with Rox Oahu
  Website: www.inthetransition.com

Contact: Roxanne Darling
E-mail: roxannedarling@gmail.com
Phone: (808) 384-5554

Address - Map & Directions
P O Box 596
Kailua, HI 96734-0596

Island: Oahu

Service Area: All Islands

I have been initiated as a giver of Divine Grace. With Divine Grace, you can let go of trying to work on yourself and start living with more freedom and happiness. You will learn how to let God do the heavy lifting while you learn to surf your emotions to enlightenment and unexplained bliss.

This experience is non-denominational and can be done in person or by phone or Skype.

As we expand our understanding of reality, new opportunities occur. Divine Openings accelerate that process, without significant effort on our part. Grace is there waiting for us to give permission to engage in the physical world with us. This is a free will universe! Grace will not interfere but it will intervene when requested.

As a Divine Openings giver, I do not need to know your personal details; there is no emotional or mental “processing.” We chat together for a short while and I explain how the process works. I help you use your conscious mind to pay attention to your feelings and to drop the stories about those feelings.

About Me - Roxanne Darling:
I have been initiated by Lola Jones to be a grace plumber – Divine Openings can help unclog your pipes so grace can flow in, so you can commune directly with God, the presence within. It’s then up to you to ask for what you want. And by talking to the active presence within you, it will be easier to know what you truly want and to remove the resistance your “small self” may feel.

I have also been trained as a health coach and worked with Johnson & Johnson. I host an internet TV show called Beach Walks with Rox. You can watch any of the over 740 episodes for free at www.beachwalks.tv.

I also am a business owner and am very grounded and practical in my approach to life and working with clients. I can walk with you back and forth from the so-called spiritual realm to the everyday experiences of life.

As more people learn and experience this process, it is getting easier. Just like using computers. As more people use them, not only are the computers themselves getting more accessible but the people using them can learn faster and easier.

What would you like to be easier?
* Less confusion and second guessing
* Less suffering and struggle – relationships, finances, work
* Less emotional pain (and for many, less physical pain too)
* More happiness and freedom – more ease in day to day situations

I can help you access the Divine, to talk to God directly and hear God talking to you, in the here and the now.

One of our opportunities with divine openings is to learn how to remove resistance to the things that are in our way. You will not need to depend on rules, mantras, or strict regimens to feel good. You will know how to keep your vibration high as you and your Large Self will be in regular conversation with the Divine about your life.

You can read more on my blog, www.inthetransition.com.

Here are a few testimonials:

My condition has really been deteriorating and I was hospitalized in the past month. I have not been able to straighten my arm more than 80 degrees even though I work with a physical therapist three days a week and am taking a lot of pain medication. After the Divine Opening, as I lay resting. I kept feeling these gentle little pops, or bursts, in my elbow, and within a few hours I was able to straighten it almost all the way. I have not felt this good in so long, and am determined to keep giving my intention to the grace of God. – Rich

The energy was clear, present, palpable and immediately impactful. A distinctly different experience than the Openings I’ve been receiving from the pictures in the book. Very shimmery. I had an intention for the Opening, which was to have support for easing/transforming some physical symptoms I’d been experiencing in my right shoulder, wrist and hand. I felt my shoulder relaxing quite distinctly during the 15 minute rest, and there has been continued release, relaxation and easing since then. As well as some interesting insights moving through, in a way that has been happening for me since my first Opening via the book. Easy new clarity, just passing through as I’m going about my day. - Shaina Noll.

I sobbed as soon as I hung up the phone.  Your sweet voice, the energy, tapped my heart deeply.  Then the sobbing stopped.  And I rested.  I had been having much anxiety/stress and I felt waves of resting/relaxing/opening/letting go. The main thing I noticed the evening of the Opening and the following morning was nature seemed to be clearer to me.  I felt a vibration I hadn’t before noticed in potted flowers and wild plants/flowers. On my recent trip, I was visiting a new lover.  I noticed the habit of questioning “the relationship” come up.  I noticed I was able to drop my kid energy more easily and be in the present enjoying the time and exchange with him. As you know, for me this is huge in relationship! – Lee Reed

The most notable difference (except how wonderful I felt immediately afterwards), was that yesterday, as I was giving a client a session, I sensed a much larger flow of energy available, “coming in” for her.  Usually, when I have felt for clients, it feels like a flow smaller than their body, towards us.  This time, I felt it wider than her body length, and swirling around me.  It was really a lovely feeling, and I imagined that it might have something to do with that I was open wider. – Anonymous
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